Hello, fans! I spent some time today on a new adventure with http://www.helium.com. This site will actually help me make more money from my writing. I’m not done with this blog by any means. I will have post for it as well. At Helium I can only write on what they want featured on their site. With that being said take a look at some of the articles I wrote today.

My first article at Helium.com was…poetry. Yes, indeed while waiting on my pass to write for gaming on the site I indulged in poetry. Look at it this way, I use to rap and rap is basically a form of poetry.

A short poem on what the world needs today in my opinion.


Ok Now The Game Articles..

This article is about the history of fighting games with Capcom and how they revolutionized fighting games today.


Similar to what I did on Youtube in Ant Rant Episode two months ago, I talk DLC.


Hope you guys check these articles out, view and share them as they come available everyday. I actually we’ll get paid for these based on views , popularity, subject, etc. Remember, daily news will still be available here the only great news I didn’t post from today is PC Hero Academy & Fable Journey news. Hopefully I’ll get this up soon as well.