Indie developer Kiz Studios today launched the playfully irreverent adventure game Chuck the Muck on iOS and Android devices. In the game, players chuck a gob of muck named Chuck (say that three times fast) through gooey, interactive puzzles and environments, avoiding obstacles, collecting rewards and unveiling hidden content along the way.

Download Chuck the Muck for FREE for iOS and Android devices:

Chuckers will adventure through over 40 challenging levels, stretching and pulling gobs of muck, creating bridges and firing ooze cannons to help your high-flying, flatulent critter collect crystals, dodge volcanoes and avoid sneaky Welk Guards.  Chuck the Muckfeatures game-changing abilities, like Deep Sea Diver and Flying Mammal, as well as bonus content and hidden gameplay unlocked by special Spelunker Gear. As they muck about, players will need to collect as many crystals as they can to feed Chuck and help him complete his epically flatulent quest.

Chuck the Muck features:

  • Easy to use trajectory controls
  • Interactive muck-y physics
  • 40 challenging levels
  • 4 unique environments including the Crystal Mines and Shadow Temple
  • Unlock costumes with special abilities including the Deep Sea Diver and Flying Mammal
  • Unlock hidden content and bonus levels with Spelunker Gear
  • Collect in-game rewards and achievements

Check out images and even a tip sheet below for Chuck The Muck.

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