Developer: CherryPop Games
Genre: Sport
Platform: Play Station 3
Release: 25th June 2013
Price: $8.49

Pool Nation is back in the limelight as it hits up PlayStation Network providing all the same content and more in its version for PlayStation 3 gamers. Cherry Pop has redesigned the game but still stayed true to the game-play to a good extent.

I’m going to start this review by speaking on the bad news first. It’s kind of a pain on how hectic the AI is in the PSN version. Around the 4 or 5th opponent they start knocking all their shots not even giving you a fighting chance.  The game features archive mode as well. I’m just sad that this mode did not see any YouTube integration making it easier for fans to upload their game-plays online.

Now, that is over let’s speak on everything else that is done so right. The graphics are just like they mentioned in the fact sheet, pixel perfect!  Several game-play modes you can hit up tournaments online, single player tours in various game-types of 9-Ball , 8-ball, and more. There’s plenty of customization options for your cues, balls, and pool table to unlock and even for purchase as DLC.

Short And Simple…

Pool Nation works very well and is a good edition to the PSN lineup. I personally wonder why it ever took so long but it doesn’t matter now Pool Nation is here!

PLAY IT!! 8/10

A Reason To Play With Balls!!

Don’t forget, as stated in yesterday’s article , Cherry Pop will be giving away 2 copies of the game over at my article on EGM. All you have to do is comment on the news posting for a chance to win.  My favorite two comments will receive a copy of the game! PEACE!!