In this edition of ADG Universe, we see the two champions of the show, Hardcore Champion, Booker T go up against  WWE Superstars Champion, David Otunga. This is a very important show as we will crown contenders to both the Hardcore Championship and WWE Superstars Championship.  John Cena is looking to get some payback on Dean Ambrose and The Shield with the help of Rikishi, Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus face off for contendership, and Zack Ryder and Road Dogg settle their differences ,finally,in an Extreme Rules Match.

This show was done at and has extra footage over on Twitch in the form of a short pre-show. When I do shows live on Twitch there will always be a preshow to show the setup and reasons behind each match taking place or why I chose who I chose to be in the matches.

Watch The Preshow On Twitch By Clicking Here!

There will be another live taping tonight, July 6th for Smackdown. So, stay tuned.

For those familiar or not familiar with the show, I have been doing Viewer Interactive matches for sometime but now I will be extending the interaction and maybe doing bonus choices to those that read my articles. If you view at AntDaGamer.Com or at EGM you will receive the Interactive matches as well as bonus ones without having to watch every moment of the show.

Viewer Interactive Matches For WWE Superstars #64 Champion vs Champion

  1. What should the WWE Women’s Championship Match Be At Summerslam?
  2. What should the Hardcore Championship Match Be Next Superstars Show?
  3.  What Should The WWE Superstars Championship Match Be At Summerslam?
  4.  Should Rikishi come back to Superstars to join Cena to teach The Shield A Lesson?