The cat or should I say The Deadman is officially out the bag as details of The Streak went live on WWE 2K’s official website yesterday. Detailing a new iconic game mode that has you play as or against the legendary Undertaker. Rumors has been out about this mode for months. So , for fans to finally hear the details its quite refreshing. So first the details of WWE 2K14′s The Streak Mode.


  • Choose whether to use Undertaker or Undertaker (Retro)
  • Defend The Phenom’s legacy in a non-stop, slobberknocker-style contest
  • Raise your score by defeating as many Superstars and Legends in a row as you can
  • Upload you results and scores online to prove how dominant you are



  • Choose any Superstar or Legend on the WWE 2K14 roster
  • Select Undertaker or Undertaker (Retro)
  • Face off against The Deadman upon the Grandest Stage of Them All
  • Try to defeat Undertaker and his arsenal of special abilities seen only inside this mode
  • Show off to the rest of the WWE Universe by uploading your results and high scores online

I’m going to start by talking about my feelings on the option to defend the streak. Though this is appealing it still feels like somewhat of  a simple resurrection of Slobberknocker mode from past WWE Games.  You defeat superstar after superstar to defend your streak. Upon completion of the mode, you will be able to post your scores online to showcase how well you defended the streak.

I would of preferred maybe something similar to Attitude Mode or 30 Years Of WrestleMania with objectives that make Undertaker the Phenom that he is at WrestleMania. Pulling off def defying acts such as pulling off the Hell’s Gate in crazy moments, sitting up after signatures and finishers or kicking out of pins nearfall after nearfall before finally defeating your opponent. Maybe, if it comes back they can come up with better ideas for the defend portion of this mode.

The Streak Mode Features Nice Facts, Images, And More About The Undertaker’s The Streak Legacy

Looking at the Defeat The Streak option. In my opinion, this is where the game shines the most. Being able to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a mode that challenges more than Legendary Difficulty. Facing The Undertaker comes off as a boss fight and he pulls off his own moves in this mode that will challenge even the best of all players. If you are able to defeat the The Deadman just like Defending The Streak you will be giving a score based upon your performance. That my awesome!

Despite my two cents on Defending The Streak this mode is very promising and adds on to the incredible package that is in WWE 2K14. The Streak Mode will give players something to do outside of the usual WWE Universe Mode, Play Mode, and Online Modes. This mode will still give you a sense of accomplishment and bragging rights among your friends and online.