Trion Worlds has released Arkbreaker, the second installment of downloadable content for its open world shooter, Defiance. The Arkbreaker pack features exclusive content including a new mission line that gives arkhunters the power to call down their own arkfalls, vicious cold fire weapons and a formidable new boss, the Volge Warmaster, that will require teamwork to defeat. Starting today, all gamers will also have free access to new powerups, Spikes and Stims, and both daily and weekly login bonuses. The Defiance team has also reworked all the major storyline missions, making them fully cooperative so that arkhunters will always be able to bring their friends on their adventures.

Players who purchase the Defiance Arkbreaker DLC will receive exclusive access to:

  • A New Story Line – A race against Dark Matter to secure an ark-brain interface with the technologies to summon arkfalls down to earth on command.
  • Summon and Enter Arkfalls – The power to call down arkfalls is now in the hands of arkhunters. Once on the ground, individuals or groups can battle their way inside to loot new and advanced weaponry and, of course, face off against the Volge enemies protecting them.
  • Cold Fire Weapons – Exclusive use of a line of cold fire sniper rifles, pistols, and assault rifles. An additional 20 new advanced-tech weapons put a new and more powerful spin on old favorites.
  • A Seriously Deadly Volge Warmaster – The Volge Warmaster means business. 20 players have seven minutes to vanquish him before he vanishes to earn some of the best loot in Defiance.
  • Volge Threads – A new Volge engineer outfit comes with the purchase of Arkbreaker along with increased daily and weekly login bonuses.

Along with the new DLC pack released today, Defiance was updated with a slew of new free content and features, including fully co-op story missions (previously playable only as single-player instances).  All players can now utilize Spikes, which grant offensive and defensive area buffs, and Stims that boost speed, strength, heal rate or EGO power. Arkhunter inventory has also been given a serious update: favorite items have been added for quick retrieval along with instant breakdown of non-favorite items, giving players the ability to sell or salvage in bulk. Gear comparison has also been greatly improved, making it easier and faster to choose the perfect loadout.

The Arkbreaker pack is available on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC for $9.99 or on Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points.

Defiance is rated M for Mature by the ESRB. For more information about Defiance, please visit