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WWE 2K15 Patch 1.06 Prepares For One More Match DLC


2K’s Marcus Stephenson has detailed the Patch updates on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is available now. This patch addresses a few issues and prepares for the upcoming 2K Showcase “One More Match” releasing tomorrow (2/3/15). You can find all the details below quoted below by Marcus Stephenson.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Patch 1.03 Highlights

  • Made a number of essential fixes and updates related to functionality for downloadable 2K Showcase content.☺ Additional improvements include:
  • Fixed an exploit with the “Facebuster Knee Smash” move in which it was not reversible.
  • Addressed a number of issues with applying body piercings and logos in the WWE Creations
  • Addressed an issue in which a Superstar could appear as a different Superstar if an alternate attire was set as default and then deleted.
  • Addressed issues with alternate attires appearing properly in cutscenes in WWE Universe.
  • Crowd reactions should now occur properly according to the settings in the Edit Superstar menu
  • Improved the accuracy of several messages related to network interactions

NOTE: There seems to be some trouble with PS4 users who are not connected after downloading the update.

Signing out of PSN before hitting the bug will allow you to get to the main menu offline without encountering the issue. You can still access your saves.

We’re working on the next update as we speak! We’ve read the feedback, and will address some of the reported issues in the next update.


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