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I got to play Attack On Titan 2 courtesy of Koei Tecmo. This review is coming from someone who played the initial Attack On Titan video game. This review experience was done on the Xbox One version of the game.

The base of Attack on Titan 2 is allowing the player to be apart of the Attack on Titan universe, make their own path and create their own relationships with the cast. This all takes place by following the story of Attack on Titan as seen in the anime.

The gameplay has been improved from the past game. With the control scheme and the engine is more effective and prompt to your actions. Last game, the controls were definitely late on input. Alongside with laggy visuals, the game felt very buggy. I’m happy to say there is a major improvement but there still is some work to be done.

Added to the gameplay are new ways to challenge the player such as defense gameplay where you must defend off titans before they do much damage. This can also be done online with other tasks and mentions to keep the gameplay going. I also liked to new sneak attacks you can perform on titans. It took me some time to get used to the timing but once I did, I truly enjoyed it.

Attack on Titan 2 overall has improved but as I said before there is still much work to be done. I do recommend the game to not only fans of the anime and/or series but anyone looking for an action RPG game. This is so far one of the best anime games of the year.

*ADG Recommended*

*One Of The Best Anime Games Of The Year*