Yes, we are back on my personal universe mode in WWE 2K20 and we have some changes to site bonuses to those that visit but first some apologies. Everything then go smooth with the recording and its kind of dark with bad contrast. If you seen my other episodes this isn’t what you should expect in quality even if I don’t edit as I mentioned in this episode.


New features you will get in my postings here on the site are rankings for division and power. Sadly, in this post you will not get a women division update. Also, note that I’m changing my NXT brand so a lot of people are missing and will be removed. Mostly, due to the hectic roster nuisance Vince McMahon has created in NXT on the actual show and me liking my personal Universe Mode to be mostly accurate.

Men’s NXT Championship Division Rankings (Before Show)

With that out the way, I hope you enjoy this long awaited episode of APW and also be on the lookout for the return of ADG Universe Ex and WWE 2K22 Let’s Talk soon.

#NXT #Smackdown #RAW #APWMyUniverse #WW2KUniverseMode #WWE2K20 #WWE2K #ADGWGN #AJLee #ADGPlays #LetsPlay #WWE2K20UniverseMode presents “AJ LEE IS NXT | WWE 2K *PS5 Let’s Play APW Universe Mode” AJ Lee makes her debut in NXT in a NXT Women’s Championship match vs the champion, IO Shirai. Adam Cole also defends the NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano in a match that could end his NXT career in APW.

Next Stop….. Smackdown!