So, this great new game has inspired me to also create a few CAWs (preview of A-Kid also in this post). I’m just enjoying WWE 2K22 and life and I guess it shows a lot on this blog as most of my posts have been WWE 2K22. That continues today with this showcase presentation of my Jacy Jayne now available to download.

Credits to Jade Jaci for the wonderful face texture and inspiration. Credit to AbsolutionCawz for attire bases, inspiration, and a wonderful retweet on social media. Credit also to Pugnificent for attire bases as well. I’m not great with attires but everything else is of my work and vision for a quality Jacy Jayne. One more thing…the preview render on Community Creations makes it look bad but give it a chance and a look inside the game I’m a lot of you will like it. Enjoy.

TAGS: jacyjane,adgwgn,toxicattraction.

COMING SOON: A-Kid (for those that don’t want to wait for the DLC or not purchasing DLC), Dani Luna, James Drake, and more.