It’s here ADG GM Mode. What is ADG GM Mode? It is a true way to use WWE 2K’s in-game rating system to make a Smackdown Vs. RAW General Manager type of season. Using the in-game rating system and Universe Mode, since GM Mode hasn’t been in the game since WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008, I’ve made a system that will allow me to have things such as show/brand of the year, match of the week, match of the year and so on. I hope 2K looks at this system to implement in GM Mode along with other ideas and concepts I have for the return of the mode. Anyway, for now I give you ADG GM Mode.

Current Rules As Of 12/6/2018


Added Rules Since Summerslam Week 1:

  • Match Bonus at PPVs are 500: Title Match, 400 Special Match (Elimination, TLC, ETC), 300 Rivalry Match *Can’t be combined! You can just get the larger of the bonuses only*
  • Losing brand at the end of the month/PPV will receive a free SuperStar Acquisition or Legend Signing. SuperStar will come from the other show and will be the first Superstar that isn’t holding a title. Legend signing must be a superstar who isn’t deceased.

SHOW ARCHIVES (Show Ratings, Written Statements, VODs, ETC)


WEEK 1 – RAW “A Monster Speaks” Episode 1 

WEEK 1 – SD LIVE “Hellish Disasters” Episode 1

WEEK 1 – SummerSlam


Watch Shows To See Current Ratings* I’m discontinuing posting it here*



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