GWENT New Crimson Curse Trailer Released! Pre-Order Pack Now Available!

Leading up to the game’s release, gamers can also purchase the Crimson Curse Pre-order Pack. The offer is available until March 28th. Its contents include: the legendary Blood Armor leader skin for Unseen Elder, Crimson Curse-themed cardback, as well as 40 Crimson Curse Kegs. Each keg contains 5 cards exclusively from the expansion. Learn more about […]

ADG Insider: A Few Changes Due To Bad Luck 2019

It’s been since October of 2018 the last time I sat and gave you guys an ADG Insider. Sadly it’s not really a complete one to be celebrated about. There are going to be a few changes for a few months to my reviews and content, again.  The reason is the slew of bad luck […]


LONG BEACH, CA, FEBRUARY 19, 2019 — Spike Chunsoft is thrilled to announce that STEINS; GATE ELITE is now available for Nintendo  Switch™, PlayStation 4®, and Steam®! Ten years after its initial release, STEINS; GATE is back and fully animated!! Enjoy newly created anime scenes and an unforgettable story! Don’t forget about the exclusive content that comes with each […]

SoulCalibur VI Amy Images, Trailer And Details From EVO Japan 2019

Amy will soon join the stage of history in SOULCALIBUR VI! Born in the slums of Roven in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a crucible filled with violence, cynicism, and despair. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter with Raphael would change her life forever and set her on a path […]

SQUARE ENIX and Ad Council Form Groundbreaking Partnership Against Bullying

New York, NY, February 11, 2019 —The Ad Council will work with Square Enix, Inc. to include KINGDOM HEARTS III characters in the anti-bullying campaign, Because of You, with the goal of inspiring teens to build a more inclusive and welcoming community. A new PSA featuring iconic characters from the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise encourages teens to consider the impact that their actions—positive […]

WWE 2K19 Let’s Play Commentary “Maria Challenges Beth Phoenix For The Divas’ Championship”

  #WWE2K19 #MariaKanellis #BethPhoenix #Divas #WWEDivas #WWE #Wrestling #WomenWrestling #WOWSuperheroes #LetsPlay #ADGWGN #ADGPlays #DivasChampionship #Shimmer #AEW #Shine #WOW – MARIA CHALLENGES BETH PHOENIX FOR THE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP | WWE 2K19 #LetsPlay #Commentary #ADGPlays

ADG Plays Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal “For The First Time” (First Impressions And Reactions)

  Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is now out. You know a game of this caliber I had to play. A game based on the popular anime Senran Kagura, which I’m a fan of with action, role-playing elements and more is definitely one for my tastes. I play about over 40 minutes of this new remastered […]

ADG Wrestling Games Network Returns As ADGVsGame Begins

More than a blogger, journalist, wrestling game fan, anime fan, or anything, I am a gamer. Which is why I wanted to begin the year gaming and creating channels that allow me to most of all game and enjoy myself. Yes, this is also one of those New Year resolution ideas. I realize that YouTube […]


  WWE 2K20 is a long time away but I didn’t hesitate to begin sharing my ideas this week in my first WWE 2K20 Let’s Talk. This idea has also already been seen in my WWE 2K19 GM Mode which was also started this week.

Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers Of The New World Release Date, Collectors Information And New Images

KOEI TECMO EUROPE UNVEILS THE LONG-AWAITED RELEASE DATE FOR NELKE & THE LEGENDARY ALCHEMISTS: ATELIERS OF THE NEW WORLD Deepen Your Relationships with Townsfolk and Beloved Alchemists to Help Build a Prosperous City Hertfordshire, 27th November 2018 – Today, KOEI TECMO Europe revealed the highly-anticipated release date for Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World, […]

Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin Trailer Released

NEW JUMP FORCE RUROUNI KENSHIN TRAILER RELEASED BY BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA INC.   A new JUMP FORCE trailer showing off the Rurouni Kenshin characters – Kenshin and Shishio, is now available.    JUMP FORCE celebrates the 50-year anniversary of Japan’s influential Weekly Shonen Jump magazine by pitting its most popular franchises together including DRAGON […]

Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin And Customizable Avatar System Preview With Over 40 Images

RUROUNI KENSHIN JOINS JUMP FORCE ALONG WITH EXPANDED CUSTOMIZABLE AVATAR SYSTEM   New screen shots are now available to download for JUMP FORCE, the massive manga crossover title celebrating the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, Japan’s influential weekly manga magazine. The new screen shots focus on expanded customization options for the player’s Avatar which gives […]

My Hero One’s Justice Unscripted Review

  Thanks to Bandai Namco, I’m hitting you up with an Unscripted Review of My Hero One’s Justice. This is the recent North American release with English subtitles. I break it down for you below as well in a few extra words as well.   My time with the game was very fun overall. From […]

SoulCalibur VI: ADG Unscripted Review

  The ADG Unscripted Review is back with SoulCalibur VI courtesy of Bandai Namco. Don’t fear I know past Unscripted Reviews didn’t go as planned so we have you covered with some text in case things backfire, again.     SoulCalibur VI has returned with the gameplay you love that is even more refined and […]

ADG Plays SoulCalibur VI “For The First Time”

It’s finally here, SoulCalibur VI, one of the most anticipated fighting games of the year. I will be guiding you through the main story and other features of the game this weekend and beyond. So stay tuned for more! In fact, prepare for a marathon of SoulCalibur VI gameplays!

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Launch Trailer And Game Now Available Worldwide

The ceiling is no longer the roof in this super-sized throwback, two-on-two, arcade basketball sequel, featuring new playgrounds, all-stars, modes, moves and more New York – Oct. 16, 2018 –2K today announced the official launch of NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. This all-new two-on-two arcade basketball game from developer Saber Interactive and 2K is now available worldwide on the […]

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk exclusive interview with A.J. Kirsch, the man and voice behind WWE 2K19’s MyCareer / MyPlayer is here. I sat down with A.J. Kirsch and asked him things no other person would. Such as if he fell on his face while motion capturing for WWE 2K19. This man once faced the legendary […]

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: Shawn “HBK” Michaels ’05 Entrance Reactions & Impressions

#WWE2K19 #ADGNews #WWE2K19News #NeverSayNever. #WWE2K19Let’s Talk on Shawn Michaels aka HBK from 2005 entrance. Original Video From Smackdown Hotel:

WWE 2K19 Features Roundup And Images

2K today released the first in a series of blog posts covering new features for WWE 2K19, beginning with core gameplay updates including general improvements, new match types, the Payback System, Big Head Mode and more. 2K will share additional features information – including details for MyPlayer, Creation and Universe advancements – over the next few […]

ADG Review: Fire Pro Wrestling World (PS4)

Thanks to Spike Chunsoft, I was giving the pleasure to play Fire Pro Wrestling World for PS4 early via review code (Even though I mistakenly published this private about a month ago). Most of my following know my deep love for wrestling and wrestling games. I’ve played a ton of wrestling games in my time […]

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: Big Head Mode “Oh H No!” Video Series Return

For sometime people have been asking me on PSN, Xbox Live, and on various spots on the internet if I would bring back my WWE 2K Let’s Talk video series among other wrestling content. Well one thing is for sure WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk video series is here! In this episode I give impressions on […]

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase Gameplay “Never Had It Easy” Trailer

WWE 2K19’s newest trailer begins with Daniel Bryan  saying that he “Never Had It Easy” in WWE. Those words couldn’t be any more true and this trailer showcases that and gameplay in Daniel Bryan’s 2K Showcase Mode. Most of the matches included are great matches. It will be interesting to see if a lot of […]

Yakuza Kiwami 2 First 11 Minutes

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is now out for PlayStation 4 in the US. I’m currently in the midst of putting all my thoughts together for review in the meanwhile I’ll be posting video previews of the game. Enjoy the first 11 minutes of the game for now.

WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase Videos, Images And Details

What’s up wrestling fans. In case you didn’t know 2K officially announced WWE 2K19 inclusion of Daniel Bryan in the return to 2K Showcase. I’ve included all the images, b-rolls and videos (a few 2K didn’t post in their blog) alongside the fact sheet, below. I’m happy about this news and I’ll be talking and […]

EA Launches Origin Access Premier PC Subscription Service

Premier Members Get the Latest PC games including EA SPORTS Madden NFL 19, EA SPORTS FIFA 19, Battlefield V, Anthem and More REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) announced that players can sign up for Origin Access Premier*, a new subscription tier for PC that offers full access to EA’s latest releases for […]

Survive! Mr. Cube: ADG Review

  Survive! Mr. Cube is out now on all consoles. Previously released on PS4 and now available on Nintendo Switch this game from Intragames brings a “rogue-like” gameplay action to gamers that experience it. Similar to survival and “Dark Soul” like games you will be challenged because if you die you lose everything but your […]

2K Announces Rey Mysterio As A Pre-Order Superstar With New Trailer On WWE RAW

Announced on Twitter and WWE Monday Night RAW, Rey Mysterio will be back in WWE 2K19 as a pre-order Superstar.

Assault Spy June Update To Early Access Details And Screenshots

Assault Spy has some more fresh updates in its Early Access phase! More information can be found at the full blog post. Here are some snapshots featuring a new area, new enemies, and more! New Area: Executive Area After completing the Back Lot stage, a new stage known as the Executive Area opens. Here, you will find the final boss, […]

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle To Drop Early DLC That Is Cringy On Disk DLC

  I’m happy about BlazBlue Cross Tag gameplay but like most fans of the game especially those that bought special editions are at the edge of top cringe with the game’s roster. It starts as you boot up the game and see the lovely Yang & Blake of RWBY together like they should be but […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World “Fighting Road” Story Mode Screens & Pre-Order NJPW Bonus Almanac

I’m excited as a wrestling and video game fanatic to give you this new information and screens on Fire Pro Wrestling World. Just announced NJPW will also be a big part of the pre-orders and first prints of the North American version of Fire Pro Wrestling World. This is huge when you add in the […]

Sci-Fi Shooter Earthfall Announced With Trailer And Screenshots

Holospark to Launch Sci-Fi Shooter Earthfall on July 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Gearbox Publishing to Bring Earthfall to Retail EARTH DATE:               May 22, 2018 TIME:                             04:00 PACIFIC TIME LOCATION:                   EARTH – SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Seattle-area developer Holospark announced today that they will release their multiplayer cooperative team-shooter, Earthfall, on July 13 digitally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, with Gearbox […]

Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots And Fact Sheet

The week of RAGE 2 continues as Bethesda releases the gameplay trailer, screenshots, and fact sheet for the upcoming 2019 game. Born from a collaboration of the Gods of Shooters, id Software, and the Masters of Open World Mayhem, Avalanche Studios, RAGE 2 packs a carnival of carnage so intense it can only come from two legendary AAA studios. […]

Rage 2 Teaser Trailer

Rage 2 is back and Bethesda states to me in a release today that “In a surprise to absolutely everyone today … RAGE is back.”  Gameplay trailer and more details drop TOMORROW, May 15th, 10:00 am eastern.

SMITE Triple Everything Event & SMITE Masters ’18 Mixer Event & Giveaways

ADG would like to remind all SMITE gamers and fans that this weekend during Smite Masters 2018 all Gods and Goddesses will receive 3X aka triple on everything. All you have to do is play SMITE and earn triple Worshipers, Experience, Favor, and Fantasy Points all week long! This is a great time to level up and […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer #3

The latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available at and the official Rockstar Games YouTube channel. You can also check it out in the handy-dandy embed below. America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed. […]

25 SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Sylvie And Zarina Screens Plus Trailer

Zarina and Sylvie Combine Shock and Samba in SNK HEROINES! Two new faces join the fray in SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~! Meet Zarina and Sylvie Paula Paula, two hard-hitting ladies that debuted in King of Fighters XIV. You can check out the official trailer now. Who’s Zarina? Zarina packs a powerful punch with her Chi Attacks, and is ready to defend […]

Clean Shaven God Of War PS4 Kratos Leaked

  There he goes in all his magnificent glory, Kratos clean shaved from his God Of War PS4 appearance. If you wondered how he looks under the beard in the latest game, well now you know. This image was released by Santa Monica Studio to show off Kratos in classic life to answer the fans […]

This Week In WWE SuperCard: Spring Into The Ring..Again And Jeff Hardy Road To Glory

This week WWE SuperCard is bringing back another one of those events that I think takes a pure spender to be able to get at least one or two cards that you actually want and need. Previously, we could use a special chamber event to get special Spring tier cards. Well, it’s back offering more […]

More Real Life Drama For AntDaGamer

  Over the past week, there have been more issues for myself that I definitely didn’t wish or ask for. It all started and still continues with me not being able to upload to YouTube currently without my videos not being able to process. Yes, I have tried other formats and browsers. This is on […]

Twitch Prime Drops Major TERA Loot For Consoles

Score Some Sweet TERA Loot from Twitch Prime Starting Today! The highly-anticipated MMO TERA is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3, but players won’t have to wait that long to start scoring loot. Beginning today and going until April 10, Twitch Prime members will be able to get their hands on some amazing in-game items and perks, […]

ATTACK ON TITAN 2 Launch & Opening Trailer Plus Details

Experience The Story From A Different Perspective In ATTACK ON TITAN 2 Create Your Own Custom Scout to Fight Alongside Your Favorite Characters to Take It To a New Level in Story or Multiplayer Online Modes Burlingame, Calif. — March 20, 2018 — KOEI TECMO America is proud to announce today the launch ATTACK ON TITAN 2 – the next […]

Original “Bad Boy” Rapper Craig Mack Dies At Age Of 46

I just wanted to take time to pay some respect to one of my favorite rappers, who news is reporting today has died at the age of 46. Craig Mack one of Puff Daddy’s now Sean Diddy Comb’s original and first Bad Boy record label artists was one who personal inspired me when I was […]


YouTube is slowly but surely losing my respect and trust. Over the last decade(and I say decade cause I been there off and on just that long), YouTube analytics have tried to better themselves yet it seems worse now than ever. When you add in the fact that now it takes more work to partner […]

A Plague Tale: Innocence Announced For PlayStation 4, Xbox One And PC

A Plague Tale: Innocence, the upcoming adventure game developed by Asobo Studio for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, unleashes hordes of rats in a new series of images! Join orphan siblings, Amicia and young Hugo, as they struggle through the heart of a brutal and ruthless world in which millions of rats ravage the […]

Injustice 2 – Legendary Edition Announcement And Details

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced Injustice 2 – Legendary Edition, the upcoming version of the hit videogame Injustice 2, named Fighting Game of the Year by the 21st D.I.C.E. Awards and The Game Awards 2017. Available beginning March 27 for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC via […]

Gravel Is Out Now Along With It’s Launch Trailer & Demo

February 27th, Milan: Milestone, one of the leading racing game developers in the world, is proud to announce that Gravel is now available on in stores and on digital for PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system and Windows PC®/STEAM. Celebrating off-road racing by bringing back the pure arcade genre, Gravel promises to […]

Retro platformer Rad Rodgers is out now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Vienna Austria, Aalborg, Denmark, February 21st 2018: The Kickstarter financed game Rad Rodgers brings back the 90’s-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff’n’Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit. See the latest trailer: Developer Slipgate Studios and Publisher THQ Nordic have released Rad Rodgers on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and across the Xbox One family […]

Burnout Paradise Remastered Announcement Information & Trailer

GUILDFORD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Criterion Games, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced Burnout™ Paradise Remastered will become available March 16th, 2018 on the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, inviting players to wreak havoc and unleash automotive anarchy once more. Players will be […]

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Releases Globally on Steam February 27

LOS ANGELES, CA., February 16, 2018 – Cyberdimension Neptunia™: 4 Goddesses Online, originally released for the PlayStation®4 system, hits Steam February 27, 2018! The Steam release will be available in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles. Visit the Steam store page on the button below today and add the game to your Steam wishlist!

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Clan Creator Trailer

Gray jacket, red shirt with the collar up and that perfectly styled hair. It’s him, Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, with a dozen of the strongest men known in Kamurocho. You’ve done your best to put together the strongest team possible in hopes of conquering this territory. Two dozen bodies move, flooding the streets […]

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ADG Plays Crackdown 3 “For The First Time” Impressions And Reactions

ADG Plays Crackdown 3 “For The First Time” Impressions And Reactions

  Witness the first moments of Crackdown 3 as I give you impressions and reactions of the cinematics and gameplay in the latest game from Microsoft Studios. #Crackdown3 #ADGPlays #XboxOne #XboxGamesPass #ADGVsGame #MicrosoftStudios – ADG PLAYS CRACKDOWN 3 FOR THE FIRST TIME | #ADGVsGame Prelude Walkthrough – Experience the first cinematics and gameplay segments of […]