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ADG Universe [eX] Rosters, Managers, Power Ratings Scores, And Rules



6/27/21 – The show is back and will be on ADG Wrestling Games Network. This is my last attempt at trying to make the show and all wrestling channel successful again. If it is as important to you as it is to me please sub be active in not only watching but interacting. If you don’t YouTube will take views away. I will not be buying ads to help viewership as this channel is not partnered. So I would be losing money. I will upload as a hobby and pray it goes somewhere very successful but I need you guys to keep me inspired. I’ve been doing this for quite sometime now and lately I been considering just mainly enjoy games in the comfort of my living room without hours and hours of editing. As I feel like my skills and craft are going unappreciated with lackluster interaction, replies, comments, etc as of lately. Just saying though I like community and youtube but…lately I feel I don’t have a community and this goes with all my channels at least in a way it should be. Anyways, let’s build a great inspirational community and make this happen.! YOLO!!

8/21/20 – ADG Universe Ex Season 2 will be ended immediately. History was made but not as I wanted to be and not as much as I wanted it to be. Whenever a decent 2K game releases we will return to creating shows.

As of now, I’m to frustrated with the title match issues and freezing in Universe Mode. When I crash, all my title matches resets and that’s hectic on my PPV and Championship nights sometimes nearly impossible because on top of that you don’t know why it’s crashing.

I will figure other ways to make content. Maybe short edited stories. I”m sorry on the behalf of 2K..because this isn’t really my fault, the game is just to irritating to do Universe Mode with. They screwed it up with the last patch as well as blood in matches.

2/3/20 – ADG Universe Ex Season 2 is in the works. Despite my viewership being low I really am still passionate about doing another season. My biggest concern is time management with things I’m doing as well as WWE 2K20 working properly. As all know there are a lot of concerns. Here is a reminder of the champions. Also, there will be a starting ranking based on champions and the top superstars of Season 1. 

SEASON 2 ROSTER AND POWER RATINGS SCORES lasted updated on 7/8/21 After ADG Universe EX LIVE Season 2 Episode 13.

Scrolling Down Further Could Possibly Spoil The Latest Show So Please Watch The Linked Above Show First.


Austin Theory 4 – Season 2 Royal Rumble Winner

Roman Reigns 2 – Ranked 3 S2 Royal Rumble Finalist


Damien Priest – 1 *ASPW

Seth Rollins – 16 UW ADGU-EX All-Star Pro Wrestling Men’s Champion

Shawn Micheals – 12*

Sheamus – 5

X-Pac – 25 

Karl Anderson – 6

Luke Gallows – 2


Shinsuke – 12 UW

Velveteen Dream – 2

Bobby Lashley – 8 Ranked Final 4 S2 Royal Rumble

Finn Balor – 11 *ASPW”    

Pete Dunne – 13*

Bret Hart – 8 RETIRED – 1st Men’s Royal Rumble Winner

Rey Mysterio – 8

Triple H – 15 – 

Kofi Kingston -6 *UW

Jeff Hardy – 4

Matt Hardy – 6

Ricochet – 12 ASPW Ranked 2 S2 Royal Rumble Finalist*

The Fiend – 18 ADG Universe Ex Undisputed Worldwide Men’s Champion” *ASPW MITB Holder

Tomasso Ciampa – 17 #1 Contender for UW going in Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan – 4

Sami Zayn – 13 – ADGU-EX Undisputed Worldwide Tag Team Champion

Kevin Owens – 3 – ADGU-EX Undisputed Worldwide Tag Team Champion

Kyle O’ Reilly – 5

Bobby Fish – 6

Jimmy Uso – 1

Jey Uso – 1



Charlotte Flair – 1 – Final Four Rumble Rank Guaranteed Season 3 Contract

Liv Morgan – 4 – Final 2 Rumble Rank Eliminated Charlotte & Lita

Dakota Kai – 1 Season 2 Royal Rumble Winner

Nikki Bella – 4*ASPW

Alexa Bliss – 3 *ADGU-EX Undisputed Worldwide Women’s Champion via Sucessfull MITB Cash-In

Shotzi Blackheart – 6 *UW

Kay Lee Ray – 7 *UW

Bayley – 10 All-Star Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion

Mandy – 5

Taya Valkyrie – 2

Becky Lynch – 16

Rhea Ripley – 18

Sonya Deville – 10 ADGU-EX Tag Team Women Champion

Toni Storm – 8 ADGU-EX Tag Team Women Champion

Shayna Baszler – 15 UW but dropped to become #1 ASPW going into rumble

Ronda Rousey – 8 *UW

Naomi – 6 *ASPW

Io Shirai – 8

Asuka – 10

Sasha Banks – 9 ASPW*

Stephanie McMahon – 12 ASPW*

Tamina – 6

Trish Stratus – 2

Lita – 18 – Final 3 Rank In Royal Rumble*

Lacey Evans – 7

Lana – 7

Score Abbreviations Meaning – ASPW – All-Star Pro Wrestling Division & UW – Undisputed WorldWide Division Some superstars maybe undefined but can change at anytime based on performance or my personal decisions.

Money In The Bank SEASON 2 Qualifiers

MEN – Aleister Black, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Matt Hardy, The Fiend, Tomasso Ciampa – 2nd Men’s Money In The Bank Winner – The Fiend – cashed in successfully at Royal Rumble Vs UW Champion X-Pac and challenger Tomasso Ciampa

WOMEN – Mandy Rose, Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey, Stephanie McMahon, Kay Lee Ray, Asuka, – Last Minute Additions for return handpicked by me Alexa Bliss & Shotzi Blackheart.

2nd Women’s Money In The Bank Winner – Alexa Bliss cashed in successfully at Royal Rumble vs UW Champion Rhea Ripley & Challenger Becky Lynch.

Scores Last Updated 3/1/22 at 11:02 PM EST reflecting results of:

ROYAL RUMBLE SEASON 2 | WWE 2K PS5 Universe Mode | ADG Universe Episode 16

Wrestlemania Season 2 Card 

  • ADGU-EX Undisputed Worldwide Championship: The Fiend Vs Austin Theory
  • ADGU-EX All-Star Pro Wrestling Championship: Seth Rollins Vs X-Pac
  • ADGU-EX Undisputed Worldwide Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss Vs Dakota Kai
  • ADGU-EX All-Star Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship: Bayley Vs  Shayna Vs Rhea Ripley Vs Lita
  • ADGU-EX Women’s Tag Team Championship – Storm & Deville Vs Stephanie McMahon & Becky Lynch
  • ADGU-EX Men’s Tag Team Championship – Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Vs DX (HHH & HBK) Vs Ciampa & Dunne Vs. Ricochet & Shinsuke *ALL OUT TAG TEAM WARFARE!!*


2/3/20 – Season 2 Rules will still be the same as before and matches will be usually based on scores and past performance. Championship matches also determined by top scorers/performers. Basic shows get 1 for performing 2 for winning unless it’s a championship or main event match then you get 3. PPV shows get 2 for performing 3 for winning a championship or main event match.

Contender Rules – Starting in Season 2, you will see champions defend more often. This will take place mostly when other Superstars have a have rating of the same or more of a champion. I will at times give champions time off if they have been defending for 2 weeks or more. Vice Versa if superstars are constantly losing their championship chances they maybe put down for chances for least a week or two too give other superstars a chance and/or to give a champion the time off they deserve. *Normal contender rules based on matches and rating are still in play*

Managers must be active in comments to guarantee themselves a match every week. Not being very active may get you released after 3 strikes in a short period of time. This will be judged accordingly based on how great a manager you have been overall and how good of an active member you are on the channel everywhere but you don’t have to commentate on all videos to be a manager just ADG Universe Ex videos. Doing anything else is just extra credit.



  • Bret Hard one the first-ever Men’s Royal Rumble
  • Team BAD reformed in Season 2. (Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Tamina).
  • Bayley in Season 2 became the first ever All Star Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion going on a undefeated streak and even beating Stephanie McMahon’s Undefeated Streak to do so. Some also viewed this as her getting revenge for Sasha Banks who was stalked and harrased by Stephanie McMahon since Season 1 ruining her career.
  • Lita one the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble
  • Shayna Bayzler is the first-ever Women’s Champion defeating Ronda Rousey in the ReBirth Tour Finals.
  • Finn Balor is the first-ever Undisputed Men’s Champion
  • The Undisputed Era O’Reilly & Fish are the first-ever Tag Team Champions. In a match that featured WWE’s Tag Team Champions at that time from all shows, The New Day & The Usos.
  • Rey Mysterio is the first-ever All-Star Pro Wrestling Champion
  • Rey Mysterio was the first-ever Grand Slam Undisputed All-Star Pro Wrestling Worldwide Men’ ALL-Star Pro Wrestling Championship e Undisputed Worldwide Championship after the first Undisputed PPV
  • Bobby Lashley is the first-ever Men’s Money In The Bank winner calling himself. Mr. Almighty in the Bank where he would successfully cash it in on the newly crown Undisputed Grand Slam Champion Rey Mysterio.
  • The Fiend is the secondever Men’s Money In The Bank Winner.
  • Su Yung is the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank Champion calling herself, The Undead Bride In The Bank. She would cash in for the Wrestlemania Main even vs the Champion Becky Lynch and competitors Shayna Bayzler & Lita to be unsuccessful.
  • Alexa Bliss is the second-ever Women’s Money In The Bank Holder/Champion.
  • Shayna Bayzla has record of the longest reigning women champion as well as the most reigns as champion at 2. *Update in Season 2 Becky Lynch tied this record at Backlash becoming a 2 time champion in a match vs Lita and Sasha Banks.

11/8/18 SCORES ARE BACK & SHOW IS MASSIVELY UPGRADED IN PRESENTATION The show has been massively updated as stated in Episode 7, “A New Generation Ex”. We are also taking managers if people want but I ask you to be active and actively comment stay a manager do not mess up superstars careers. I will be updating the section in the next day or so explaining the new rules. I just want to say remember before there was a “Wrestle War”, I was the first to implement a scoring system in a 2K Universe Mode series it’s a shame people take your ideas and don’t give you credit especially when they are a bigger channel and can help others.

SCORING RULES (*subject to change*). At the start of this return of scoring all champions are rewarded 3 points. Champions also receive a bonus for competing and winning. All stars receive points (1) for competing. Competing in the main event warrants bonus points 3 for normal stars 4 for champions in relation to winning. 2 for just competing as a normal star 3 for competing as champion. There will be bonuses of course if the Main Event is a championship matchup or if you are competing in a championship or important match at a PPV. PPV points are also 1 point extra than a normal show score. (2) for competing 4 for winning, up to 5 for Main Event  or Main Event Championship wins. 

Contender Rules – Starting in Season 2, you will see champions defend more often. This will take place mostly when other Superstars have a have rating of the same or more of a champion. I will at times give champions time off if they have been defending for 2 weeks or more. Vice Versa if superstars are constantly losing their championship chances they maybe put down for chances for least a week or two too give other superstars a chance and/or to give a champion the time off they deserve. *Normal contender rules based on matches and rating are still in play*

The current active ADG Universe Ex roster..



EC3 – 3
Ricochet – 3 (Manager: Danny Dan)
Kofi Kingston – 9
Xavier Woods – 7
King Booker 5
Finn Balor – 11
Sami Zayn  (Manager: Respect My Name & Game aka RESPECTGAME) – 6
Pete Dunne – 22
Jimmy Uso – 8
Jey Uso – 8
Adam Cole – 7
Luke Gallows – 2
Karl Anderson – 2
Kyle O’Reilly – 16
Bobby Fish – 14
Bobby Lashley – 16
Tony Nese – 4
Jeff Hardy – 5
Triple H – 19
Shawn Micheals – 6
Velveteen Dream – 6
The Miz – 5
Rey Mysterio – 25
Daniel Bryan – 10
Tommaso Ciampa – 15
Noam Dar – 4

Bret Hart Royal Rumber 2K19 Winner – 10



AJ Lee – 6
Lacey Evans – 7
Stephanie McMahon – 7
Lana – 5
Trish Stratus – 5
Maria Kanellis – 4
Ronda Rousey – 4
Carmella – 3
Maryse – 2
Shayna Baszler – 16
Jessamin Duke – 1
Marina Shafir – 1
Becky Lynch – 18
Tamina Snuka – 4
Sonya Deville – 13
Sasha Banks – 8
Toni Storm – 11
Alexa Bliss – 8
Asuka – 15
Su Yung – 18

Lita Royal Rumber 2K19 Winner – 10


Ex Enforcer of Entertainment: Paul Heyman

President of The Women’s Division: Stephanie McMahon

Season 1 Ending Champions

Undisputed Worldwide Champion: Pete Dunne
Undisputed Worldwide Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch
Worldwide All-Star Pro-Wrestling Champion: Triple H
Undisputed Worldwide Tag Team Champions: The Almighty & The Prince: Bobby Lashley & Finn Balor
Undisputed Worldwide Womens’ Tag Team Champions: Toni Storm & Sonya Deville

*Last updated 2/3/20 Based On Episode 21 “Wrestlemania” Results*


Women’s Money In The Bank I (2K19): Taya Valkyrie Vs. Alexa Bliss Vs Su Yung Vs Sonya Deville Vs. AJ Lee Vs Sasha Banks Vs. Toni Storm  Vs. Carmella – Su Yung Wins Crowns Herself Undead Bride In The Bank

Men’s Money In The Bank I (2K19): Adam Cole Vs. The Miz Vs Noam Dar Vs The Velveteen Dream Jeff Hardy  Vs. Bobby Lashley Vs Triple H Vs Tommaso Ciampa – Bobby Lashley Win Crowns Himself Mr. Almighty In The Bank Lashley Cashed In Successfully Vs. Rey Mysterio at the first ADG Universe Undisputed PPV


9/20/18 * #NeverSayNever on the Road to WWE 2K19. As announced here the show will go on with ADG Universe Ex Rebirth. Shows will start today crowning new champions. More Details Here: A lot of the information here on this page especially the old roster and manager list will be deleted soon. Questions concerning the event and how you can get involved contact me here in the comments or on Twitter. New Channel is ADG Entertainment.


5/20/18 Currently Cancelled Due To YouTube Suspending Any Channels I Create Without Giving Me Reason. If enough show interest and comment on this page I’ll upload a new series on my Twitch

ADG Universe [eX] is a simulation-based wrestling federation show that features fantasy rosters in a WWE Schedule. The show continues year after year it’s storytelling from game to game with WWE Games.

Starting in WWE 2K18 we will make things more interactive to celebrate the show being in one place, one channel (ADG MAN CAVE) by adding managers. By being a manager you can control a superstar or tag team to supremacy in ADG Universe [eX].


The following listing is always being worked on and is not complete. Thanks for joining the show. Contact here or on YouTube if you are interested in joining the show.



AJ Styles –
Jinder Mahal
Brock Lesnar –
Baron Corbin –
Braun Strowman
Asuka –
Brie Bella –
Goldust –
Dolph Ziggler
Heath Slater
Randy Orton
Big Show –
Finn Balor –
Batista –
Mickie James
Alexa Bliss –
Trish Stratus –
Bayley –
Edge –
Kofi Kingston –
Xavier Woods
Big E
Apollo Crews –
Titus O’ Neil
Samoa Joe –
Rhyno –

RAW Managers Score
Barron Blade –

Women’s Score

SD Live

Seth Rollins – Barron Blade
Chad Gable
Jason Jordan
Bret Hart
Roman Reigns – ThisDude
Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Kurt Angle
Carmella Baron Blade
Curt Hawkins
Rusev – benjamin fludd
Lita –
Alicia Fox –
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena –
Kevin Owens –
Shinsuke Nakamura
Emma –
Naomi –
Sasha Banks –
Charlotte Flair -*ADG

SD Live Scores

Women’s Score

Tony Storm
Velveteen Dream
Roderick Strong
Kenny Omega
Nick Jackson
Matt Jackson
Aleister Black – Barron Blade
Ruby Riot
Lars Sulivan
Adam Cole
Bobby Fish
Kyle O’Reily
Nia Jax
Nikki Cross
Ember Moon – king kanye
Bobby Roode –
Tomasso Ciampa
Johnny Gargano
Nick Miller – TM61 Tag Pass
Shane Thorn – TM61 Tag Pass
Hideo Itami –
Andrade Cien Almas
Adam Cole
Authors Of Pain Rezar
Authors of Pain Akam
Chad Gable –  Tag Pass
Jason Jordan –  Tag Pass

NXT Scores
William Jones –

Women’s Score
King Kanye –

205 Live

Noam Dar
Dru Gulak
Tony Neese
Tyson Kidd
TJ Perkins – ADG
Enzo Amore –
Cedrick Alexander –
Kalisto –
Rich Swann –
Neville – KingKanye
Grand Metalik –

King Kanye –

Chris Jericho
Cody Rhodes
Kazachuki Okada
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Titus O’Neil – Tag Pass
Apollo Crews – Tag Pass

Christina Von Eerie
Nicki Bella
Rose Mary
Abby Laith
Dana Brooke

Scores will give you chances to do special things such as run-ins? Compete for the ADG Universe eX Undisputed Hardcore Championships, and more. Scores Will Be Reset After Each PPV

New to ADG Universe [eX] Superstars/Managers that go on a losing or winning streak of 3 can have a manager escort them to ringside for there next matchup. After this manager assistance matchup you have to wait again for 3 losses or 3 wins to have an escort at ringside again Some things may interfere with this happening such as if you are a champion going into a matchup such as Elimination Chamber, TLC, etc. that doesn’t allow managers*

The kinks and rules are still being worked out for ADG Universe Managers. I as owner has the option and ability to work out things and change things as I see fit at anytime. Also, bear in mind my current health conditions and problems I may have with commentary. I wish you the best of luck of ADG Universe eX, The Purest Realest Wrestling Simulation Ever


*New Rules & Announcements

-4/19/18 ……..The show is back again…Wasn’t on me this time. YouTube suspended my channels and I don’t even know why! New channel link: One stop for everything this time for ADG content. It will mainly be ADG Universe Ex, Let’s Talks and ADG Reviews. Maybe even a few let’s plays…will see.

– 3/8/18 The show is back and actively updated once or twice every week. Hell, I might do it sometimes more than that if people are actively commenting. In the current system managers MUST COMMENT EVERY SHOW OF THEIR SUPERSTAR to guarantee they will get matches every night. After three to four weeks of being active your superstar is in risk of being gave to another active potential viewer/manager.

– 11/27/17 – As of today managers of Cruiserweights will only be a part of 205 Live. Reason being is most shows are stacked. Also with the addition of the ADG Universe Undisputed Hardcore Championship being apart of all shows. Cruiserweights will be a part of this division and appear on other shows when they are champion. I may give the best cruiserweight managers chances to do other things but time will tell.*

*LAST UPDATED ON 4/19/18 After The RAW Pre-Show Episode 6. 

Sasha Win.png

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    1. Hey Benjamin. If you still open to ADG Universe Ex I thought I would let you know the show is returning again today on the ADG Entertainment – AntDaGamer channel. No pressure just giving those that are subscribed here a heads up if they want to return. Peace!


  1. Show is down again for now. I may do episodes on Twitch. I’m just very tired with YouTube at the moment and I feel I’m getting to old for a lot of this. YouTube wrongfully suspended my channels and even denied my appeals right away oddly. Without any details on why just to check their rules and regulations.


  2. Just a heads up. The show is available again as I attempt one more run at an all Wrestling Channel. ADG Wrestling Games Network is now hosting all content as well as ADG Universe Ex. Please support while I’m still inspired…to keep me inspired. I would like this channel partnered by the end of the year. APW is back as well.

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