ADG Universe Rosters, Managers, Scores And Rules

ADG Universe is a simulation based wrestling federation show that features fantasy rosters in a WWE Schedule. The show continues year after year it’s storytelling from game to game with WWE Games.

Starting in WWE 2K18 we will make things more interactive to celebrate the show being in one place, one channel (ADG Wrestling Games Network) by adding managers. By being a manager you can control a superstar or tag team to supremacy in ADG Universe.


The following listing is being worked on and is not complete. Thanks for joining the show. Contact here or on YouTube if you are interested in joining the show.

Brock Lesnar –
Baron Corbin – Adam Partington
Braun Strowman – QCook
CM Punk – ADG
Asuka – ADG
Brie Bella –
Miz – BestInTheWorld
Neville – King Kanye 205 Live Pass
HBK – Kasper
Goldust – OutlawNation
Dolph Ziggler – TheHeroLurking
Heath Slater – Elseworld
Randy Orton – BloodPanda
Big Show –
Enzo – CheeseburgerWinston 205 Live Pass
Cedric – Smark – 205 Live Pass
Finn Balor – kingdxpe
Batista –
Tyson Kidd – 205 Live & NXT Pass
Mickie James
Alexa Bliss – Matt Cook
Trish Stratus –
Bayley – TheHeroLurking
Edge –
Kofi Kingston –
Apollo Crews – HMProductions
Titus O’ Neil
Samoa Joe – Matt Cook
Rhyno –


RAW Managers Score
Kingdope – 3
Kasper – 7
Elseworld – 1
TheHeroLurking – 2
OutlawNation – 2
HMProductions – 1
QCook – 1
Blood Panda – 5
Matt Cook – 2


Women’s Score 
HeroLurking – 3

SD Live
Roman Reigns
Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Kurt Angle Kasper
Carmella Baron Blade
Curt Hawkins – Elseworld
Lita – BloodPanda
Alicia Fox –
AJ Styles – QCook
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena – BestInDaWorld
Kevin Owens – Counterbeat
Shinsuke Nakamura kingdope
Emma – ADG
Naomi –
Sasha Banks –


SD Live
QCook – 4
BestInTheWorld 2
Kasper – 4
Counterbeat – 3
Elseworld – 2
ADG – 3
kingdope – 5

Women’s Score

Blood Panda – 5
ADG – 2
Barron Blade – 2


Tony Storm
Velveteen Dream
Roderick Strong
Kenny Omega
Nick Jackson
Matt Jackson
Aleister Black – Barron Blade
Ruby Riot
Lars Sulivan
Adam Cole
Bobby Fish
Kyle O’Reily
Nia Jax
Nikki Cross
Ember Moon – king kanye
Bobby Roode – William Jones
Tomasso Ciampa
Johnny Gargano
Nick Miller – TM61 Tag Pass
Shane Thorn – TM61 Tag Pass
Hideo Itami – LeonLeo
Andrade Cien Almas
Adam Cole
Charlotte Flair – ADG*
Authors Of Pain Rezar
Authors of Pain Akam
Chad Gable – HMProductions Tag Pass
Jason Jordan – HMProductions Tag Pass

NXT Scores
William Jones – 2
LeonLeo – 3
HMProductions – 1

Women’s Score
ADG – 1
King Kanye – 1

205 Live

Noam Dar
Dru Gulak
Tony Neese
Tyson Kidd
TJ Perkins – ADG
Enzo Amore – CheeseburgerWinston
Cedrick Alexander – SmarkWrestling
Kalisto –
Rich Swann –
Neville – KingKanye
Grand Metalik –

CheeseburgerWinston – 1
SmarkWrestling – 2
King Kanye

Scores will give you chances to do special things such as run-ins? Compete for the ADG Universe Undisputed Hardcore Championship, and more. Scores Will Be Reset After Each PPV

The kinks and rules are still being worked out for ADG Universe Managers. I as owner has the option and ability to work out things and change things as I see fit at anytime. Also, bear in mind my current health conditions and problems I may have with commentary. I wish you the best of luck of ADG Universe, The Purest Realest Wrestling Simulation Ever


*New Rules & Announcements

– 1/6/18 The show is back and actively updated once or twice every week. Hell, I might do it sometimes more than that if people are actively commenting. In the current system managers MUST COMMENT EVERY SHOW OF THEIR SUPERSTAR to guarantee they will get matches every night. After three to four weeks of being active your superstar is in risk of being gave to another active potential viewer/manager.

– 11/27/17 – As of today managers of Cruiserweights will only be a part of 205 Live. Reason being is most shows are stacked. Also with the addition of the ADG Universe Undisputed Hardcore Championship being apart of all shows. Cruiserweights will be a part of this division and appear on other shows when they are champion. I may give the best cruiserweight managers chances to do other things but time will tell.*

*LAST UPDATED ON 1/6/18 AFTER Smackdown Live Episode 13 Shows *





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