EA and Sony are working together to help people in a campaign here in North America. The program is going to help give an estimated 1 million minimum here in North America to the nation’s arm services and families .Columbia Pictures and Annapurna Pictures’ Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Academy Award® winner Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal, and the EA game Medal of Honor™ Warfighter, players can help the nation’s real life warfighters with the Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack.

EA’s Peter Moore: “We’ve teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment to give back to the Special Operations community in honor of the sacrifices they and their families have made for their country and to connect people to the story of the greatest manhunt our world has seen.”

For me waking up to this was quite interesting. The supposed rumors of EA for the past years of being money hungry aligned with the hate for EA makes me wonder. Is EA starting to see some slight effects from their sales concerning customers that feel EA are demons in disguise. I don’t feel EA are demons at all. I just hope some of the EA haters will take a close look at this and see that EA aren’t as bad as the media today are trying to portray them at times.

The pack will be available for sale** in North America the week of December 17, with the release of Zero Dark Thirty, for $9.99(£7.99). The pack itself will offer two maps in real world locations, Darra Gun Market, Pakistan’s flourishing arms bazaar & Chitral, a rough rugged area that is to the north of Pakiston governed by tribes.that will not allow the government to operate there.

Two maps for 9.99 is quite steep of a price to pay in this day in time for Maps. I remember with Killzone 3 did the same thing during their DLC projects. The fans of the series was quite unpleasant. I will take in the fact that this is for a good cause and let it slide. I’m not sure that fans of the series will see it the same way though. Will You?