This insight is more just a quick reminder of what’s going on with this page. Right now, I’m working hard at EGM and I occasionally post things here. They are usually repost or my Youtube videos currently. Theres sometimes a random exclusive post but not much. Make sure to keep up with everything AntDaGamer to follow me on my twitter. @AntDaGamer

If you haven’t heard AWE has been officially shutdown for good. I would like to thank all those that participated throughout the years. I would like to give a bigger thank you to those that participated outside the AWE. I still plan on occasionally showing WWE Games but federation type stream of e-fed and manager nation is gone. I suggest you check out my Youtube for your WWE Gaming needs. I have a Universe Show and more currently there. I also posted a video explaining AWE’s demise..over a game of Halo 4.

I just also want to add this is a career decision. I need to broaden my gamer base. I am a journalist that needs to have a fan base with not only wrestling but more. I will not survive as a game’s journalist with just a fan base of wrestling. I hope some of you understand and support ADG instead of just AWE.

Also, I’m still looking for peeps that would like to help add content to this site. Any content that is appropriate would be acceptable.