Publisher: Bethesda Softworks®
Developer: Arkane® Studios
Release Date: April 16, 2013 (Global Release)
Platform: Xbox 360® | PlayStation® 3 system | PC
Genre: First-Person Action
Price: 800 Microsoft Points | $9.99 PSN and PC
Equivalent Price Points for PAL and JP Territories

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall isn’t about Corvo it’s about Daud, the legendary assassin of the Empress who changed Dunwall forever. This DLC tells his story as you face new enemies and foes with an unique arsenal.

The gameplay with Duad isn’t really that much different. The Knife of Dunwall still provides the same frantic action with a few new features.

New Powers, Weapons and Gadgets
The mark of the Outsider empowers you with unique supernatural abilities. Call upon the Whalers to assist in combat with ‘Summon Assassin’, track down hidden Runes and Bone Charms with ‘Void Gaze’ and learn to use new variations to powers, including ‘Blink’. To aid in your dangerous exploits your customized arsenal of weapons and gadgets will include Chokedust to daze your enemies, whale oil powered Stun Mines to shock your targets, and a concealed Wristbow to launch sleep darts and explosive bolts.

Choose Your Path
On your search for answers, approach each mission with your own style. Your redemption – or your turn towards darkness – depends on your skills and the decisions you make. Discover the mystery behind Delilah in this stand-alone chapter, and then conclude Daud’s story in the upcoming final add-on, The Brigmore Witches.

This DLC is a no-brainer purchase for fans of the game. It’s time to extend your knowledge and lore of the game with this DLC. This is just the beginning as the first and final DLC extends the story with the Bridgmore Witches add-on coming soon.

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