A few minutes ago I spoke on Twitter/Twitlonger about somethings that has been on my chest today. I’m passionate about my feelings and about gaming and that’s why I put so much time and devotion in what I do. I’m not just doing this for E-Cred, money fame, or something. I do what I do cause I love gaming. I just wanted to get my two cents out on my post and let it be known I do not regret what I said nor will I take it back. I’m proud I spoke my opinions and emotions that’s what journalism is about ; not my grammar, the quality of my videos, etc.

Starhawk, The Only PS3 Exclusive So Far ADG Has Ever Received Free…besides Zombie Tycoon II..and an up and coming classic

Someone online recently told me I was paid by Sony to support it’s product and I’m a sellout..WTF?! Sony never sends me anything in fact the closest thing i have to a Sony connect are companies that make exclusive games on PlayStation and honestly none of them ever sent me anything except Lightbox Interactive and that wasn’t for my journalism but mainly for something I said in an online contest about Starhawk. My feelings about Sony comes straight cause of how I feel about the exclusive games on the console. I have never received anything from Sony in fact Microsoft has been more supportive of my journalism coverage providing me with games, passes and more. So what do I have to gain by saying this about their competition at all is how I see it. I’m not living in a mansion and trust me If I was was getting paid by Sony..my bills wouldn’t be barely getting paid and I would be in my suite right now with my toes up waiting for E3. Fanboys are ruining gaming and you not going to ruin my vibe too. I’m happy to have my name in the history of gaming and journalism and I’m not going to let stupid fanboy statements ruin me..now excuse me I got a lot of gaming to do.