Your boi, ADG wanted to give you a different take in this edition of the Short And Simple Review. I have to first thank Activision and Bungie for their donation of Destiny on the PS4 before simply giving you a listing on why you should purchase Destiny. I will also give you the usual scores and critiques but I mainly wanted to focus on why Destiny IS A PURCHASE & A PLAY IT!



Reasons To Play Destiny

– To experience a game that features several gaming styles that include cooperative, multiplayer and role player action gameplay.

–  To show off crazy loot from rare to legendary from your conquest in-game.

– To enjoy a lush and unbelievable scientific world.

– To experience amazing classes with skills and weaponry that are like no other in today’s gaming world.

– Hours on top of hours of gameplay and replayability in the main game. This is also expanded with an insane season of DLC support in the upcoming year.


– An amazing connected hub from your ship that connects you to the world of Destiny’s multiplayer, co-op, community and Destiny’s tower, the home of the Guardians.

– To have an amazing current gen experience.

– Cause it’s friday and you and your friends want to relax , shoot and blow up stuff like a boss.

–’s Bungie..duhhh…have they ever did us wrong! Bungie is a very dedicated team that will continue to update and make this game fun to play for months to come even in free content and updates.


There are more reason’s to play this game but I wanted to discuss a few more things before I wrap this up. The talk about the story and the game being short is ridiculous. In today’s world their’s a lot of envy and hate. Maybe they don’t have the game and just want it to fail so their other favorite game (which is probably the only game they can buy this holiday) can succeed. I hate to say this but anyone who doesn’t like Destiny either doesn’t like shooters or don’t like games period.

Now, you can have your score even isn’t needed! Just Play It!

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Destiny Does Live Up To The Hype!

Play It!

Version played for this review was PlayStation 4*