The Evolve experience is expanding on March 31st with the launch of the fourth playable Monster, Behemoth, four new playable Hunters, and more. Get an early look at the Evolve Behemoth and New Hunters Gameplay video below.

Those who own Evolve but do not purchase Behemoth or the four new Hunters can still play against or alongside these new characters online and against them offline, adding depth and replayability for the entire Evolve community without dividing players based on what additional content they own.

Evolve’s new Monster and Hunters are unique in appearance and abilities. Behemoth is a tank of a Monster that becomes a giant, destructive boulder and rolls through the environment for quick traversal.


Four new Hunters also join the Evolve lineup: Torvald, a cyborg Assault character with a mortar cannon for an arm; Crow, a Trapper with a pet Batray for tracking Monsters; Slim, a genetically modified combat Medic; and Sunny, a Support character equipped with a mininuke grenade launcher. Each new Hunter expands the Evolve experience with new weapons, equipment, and abilities. For more details on these four new Hunters, visit ADG’s previous post here: https://antdagamer.com/2015/03/19/evolve-dlc-expands-the-hunt-on-march-31-2015/

For more details on Behemoth, visit: http://evolvegame.com/news/evolve-fourth-monster-behemoth.