Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark comes to us in the ADG Short And Simple Review courtesy of Team 17. This part combat-platformer, part logic-puzzler, part open world explorer, part character driven adventure features A.J. LoCascio. A.J. is known for his voice work on Telltale Games, Back To The Future as Marty McFly and comes to this game to give it star power as Schrodinger’s Cat.

Short and simple, this story is about a scientific zoo gone wild and it’s ups to Schrodinger’s Cat to put things back to normal. The game is funny, but there are times that the comedy just seem’s average, making you smirk but not making you laugh. This is the downer about the game because I believe with enough work this game could of had so much more life.


The gameplay, as I mentioned in the beginning of this review combines many types of gaming from puzzler to platformer and beyond. I feel this game is mostly a thinking game. You will spend most of your time figuring out how to use the quarks. You have to come up with scientific blends to bypass obstacles in front of you. The gameplay is also a little slow. This is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing actually. This goes back to my opinion of the game being something that will work your mind more than your reflexes.


Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark is a game I think has the basis to become a blockbuster game among fans. There are a few things holding it from being that now, but there are enough good things to warrant a purchase. Plus, you can be one of the original fans that can say you was playing before it became a popular household game.

Short And Simple…

A Mind Over Platforming Experience