It’s the end of the world in the latest game from Atlus, Lost Dimension. In this tactical RPG, it’s up to you and the 11 gifted of SEALED to save the world. The End has threatened all of mankind with a nuclear explosion. It’s up to your team to stop him in 13 days.


Combat is very well designed and even has a few unique trick. Defers offers a chance to share gifts among your party, adding so much diversity to the way everyone will play. You can choose among the 11 gifted before each mission offering a variety in the way the story is told. Attack your enemies, with various attacks from guns to your psychic abilities. The game also offers tips as you go along teaching everything from the basics to advanced methods. This gameplay is one of tactical RPG fans’ dreams.

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Features do not fall short in this game, either. Considering being able to talk among your friends and foes and grow a relationship. Which is very interesting as there are traitors among you, which are randomly chosen. The first is a shoe in and only in your first playthrough, but everyone after is random. You can craft weapons and items, and do many things with your party which include deciding who will go on missions.


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A few things could have been designed better. The battlefield at times seems a little too huge between you and the enemy. The traitor system is sometimes frustrating when you choose the wrong person on your team.

In final, the good outweighs the bad still in Lost Dimension.

Short And Simple..

Guns, Psychics, Traitors, Aliens..Oh My!!


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