Disney Infinity season 3.0 is upon us. I begin our infinite journey with Disney Infinity 3.0 reviews with the main game of Disney Infinity 3.0. I look at all the features of the main features that include the toy box hub, farming, and various gameplay mechanics in the following ADG Short And Simple Video Review.

Things that I love about Disney Infinity 3.0 include the main hub, Flynn’s Arcade and its ability to connect me online with other Infinity players in great games. Farming and feeding sidekicks tops it all for me and my daughter and it can be done with ease.

Disney Infinity 3.0 ToyBox_InsideOut_Stitch-L

Disney Infinity has been listening to the fans and this edition shows that. This game has tweaked what made Disney Infinity good and made it better. Toy Box creation has gotten bigger, but with better tools to help you create whatever you mind can think of.

Short And Simple

The Possibilities Are Still Infinite


Stay tuned as we will be doing reviews for Disney Infinity 3.0’s Star Wars: Twilight Play Set, Toy Box Takeover, various figures, and more in the future.

To learn more about Disney Infinity 3.0 visit the official website at www.disneyinfinity.com

Disney Infinity 3.0 ToyBox_Mulan_Olaf-L Disney Infinity 3.0 ToyBox_Hulkbuster_Ralph_Baymax-L