Rise Against the Empire_1-L

So, many great things are going down this year with Disney Infinity and Star Wars. It’s the second Star Wars play set of the Disney Infinity 3.0 season and ADG Short And Simple Review has gotten to play it. We join the classic Star Wars gang in moments from the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s time for the ADG Short And Simple video review.

This Play Set isn’t bad, but it just wasn’t action packed as I thought it should be. It does offer a ton of great unlockables and missions to play around with for diehards. These are the things that lead me to my conclusion.

Short And Simple…

A Slow But Fun Rise Against The Empire


Rise Against the Empire_2-L Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise Against The Empire Play Set_PackShot_PlaySet-L Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise Against The Empire RATE_PlaySet_JabbaPalace-L Disney Infinity Rise Against The Empire RATE_Playset_Vader_01b-L