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TERA Unscripted Review (PlayStation 4/Xbox One)

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Tera has arrived for consoles and now fans of MMORPGs, inspiring console gamers can now experience the world of TERA themselves.

TERA made a big wave on PC is known for its adventures with Big *A… (keeping it PG) Boss Monster aka B.A.M. Battles! These battles at times lasted long periods and sometimes definitely required parties. This remains true on consoles so I expect to see those same Boss Battle experiences we have seen on YouTube and Twitch for PC to show up for consoles.

TERA Launch & Review Shots ADG AntDaGamer EGMNow Unscripted Review (3)

The story is vast but it’s mainly about the enchanted world of TERA and the battle of good and evil. I don’t want to say too much about the story but it works well, it intrigues me and I’m continuously wanting to know more as I play. I do want to mention the fact they involved the children of TERA in a dramatic way is one of the things that impressed me the most about the story.

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Controls and gameplay work very well on console in a way I can say I can’t believe it wasn’t originally made for console. You can map out and shortcut abilities and skills just like on PC. You can set the control camera to be up close and personal more or even further away to have a better scope of the battlefield. In TERA, the developers have given you the tools to customize your gameplay experience how you want.

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Customization also continues with your characters there are tons of races and classes to choose from. All with a great set of costumes, hair designs and more to make them unique. Not to mention you will gain more things through in-game loot and special event loot.

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Graphics are good. They may not impress you a majority of the time but they are good enough to get by. There are times they looked very good in certain lightening and times the game showed it’s age.

TERA Launch & Review Shots ADG AntDaGamer EGMNow Unscripted Review (6)

I truly have enjoyed my time with TERA so far and they’re so much more I can explore in months to come. In fact, as of today, they have already added more content to TERA with the Ruinous Manor Update. Another reason, I want to wrap this review up and get back to playing! As I mentioned in the video review, I mainly recommend it for RPG fans, MMORPG, Action RPG fans and those that will get a kick out of B.A.M.s!


Fans of MMORPG, Action RPGs, RPGs and Big Boss Battles Definitely Should Check This Out!

TERA Launch & Review Shots ADG AntDaGamer EGMNow Unscripted Review (2)

TERA is available on the Xbox One family of devices and the PlayStation®4 and is free to play. For more information on TERA, please visit the official site and follow the game on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

This review is possible due to En Masse Entertainment PR who gave ADG a code via PS4. Big thanks to them for supporting independent content creators like myself.




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