Thanks to Spike Chunsoft, I was giving the pleasure to play Fire Pro Wrestling World for PS4 early via review code (Even though I mistakenly published this private about a month ago). Most of my following know my deep love for wrestling and wrestling games. I’ve played a ton of wrestling games in my time with my last Fire Pro Wrestling experience being Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on PlayStation 2. It’s been a long time coming and man was I hyped.


Fire Pro Wrestling is known for its amazing grappling system and crazy edit system where you can create just about any wrestler known to man. When it comes Fire Pro Wrestling World none of that has changed and that’s a good thing! You see despite this engine being around for some time it doesn’t have the clunkiness that we see when playing WWE 2K games. Grappling is fluid and feels just like wrestling. The striking oddly at times is where the gameplay falls short but everything else is done so well you really feel like you are wrestling.

Fire Pro Wrestling World hits the PlayStation 4 bringing the world of New Japan Pro Wrestling in it officially for the first time. No need to make your favorite New Japan Pro Wrestlers anymore because they are here. From the most famous right now in Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada down to growing and legendary stars such as Yuji Nagata, Zack Sabre Jr., BUSHIDA, Sanada, and more. They are very authentic with looks and voice over sounds that bring them to life even though the game uses traditional classic graphical sprites. Kenny Omega will indeed “Bang” and “Golden Trigger!”

Fire Pro Wrestling World does make some questionable decisions like not allowing more than 1 player in tournament and other modes. It would be great to be able to have control to play all matches. You can view all matches but not control all of them. So basically if you looking to play matches in leagues to give wrestlers a push or just to see what would happen if you and a friend controlled both of your wrestler, well you can’t.

Fire Pro Wrestling World brings the world of NJPW to you with it’s new career mode Fighting Mode. Fighting mode is mostly text base but offers tons and tons of gameplay to its’ players. I spent about 8 hours on the mode with only 4 percent being completed. That should tell you something.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a classical sprite style graphics but the focus has always been gameplay with this series. Once again, the gameplay doesn’t disappoint.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Is Fire Wrestling Gameplay!

Recommended For Those That Want Great Matches And Unbelievable Customization