WWE 2K20 is definitely not the best wrestling game of all time but there is still some fun unique moments for wrestling games to be had in the game. In the video below, you can see Trent Seven raging on British Strong Style brother, Pete Dunne after finally winning a match against him and being in his shadows. Then you will witness a rare cutscene.

To replicate this cutscene, first let me tell you many can do this as long as their are allies and I think they have to be for some time in Universe months. Remember not a tag team, but allies/friends. Then after sometime place them in a rivalry match for a title. As when I triggered this, I used the base Universe Mode superstar settings. I noticed Pete and Trent are allies but just not in a tag team. To get this setting the contender for the title must win the first match in the rivalry. It still may not happen it’s just as chance as I tried to replicate on another slot but it only happen like 1 out of 3 times. So good luck; I hope this helps. If it does consider commenting most of all as well as liking, sharing, subscribing, etc. on my YouTube Channel.

I really enjoyed this. It’s kind of cool. There is even special commentary that you can notice right as Trent hit his finisher toward the end of the match. Makes you wonder what they were trying to work on but just couldn’t implement properly.