I was late to the party (I announced in some posts and most likely in future posts that I would be posting some overdue/late content) in many ways on this one but I did put out this Samurai Warriors 5 content weeks ago on the AntDaGamer*ADG Entertainment YouTube Channel. So make sure you sub there to stay up to date as some of you know I’m not the perfect build of health and the blog usually takes the hit more than anything when it comes to my exclusive videos.

My first-time review wasn’t my best commentary as I was a little tired but I hope you still get a good look at the game enough so it helps. Part 2 I was more awake lol.

Anyways shoutout to the Koei Tecmo PR teams for supporting me throughout the years through the good and the bad. Ohh and you wonderful Koei Tecmo/Samurai Warriors fans too!

Way better commentary and gameplay on this one! ENJOY & Don’t forget to sub AntDaGamer*ADG Entertainment On YouTube.