Okay, good week everyone. I wanted to touch base as it’s been a long time and give you inside details on things including plans.

First thing up, the main reason there have been less posts is because of website space. I’ve tried everything from using Google Drive, and Google Photos, but for some reason it’s still taking up space. I need to talk to someone at WordPress about this matter. My options are limited as I don’t make enough money to go for a Business package at WordPress at the moment. So hang in there and make sure you subbed to my YouTube and Social Media channels.

So my plans, number one is still not giving up. I want to review as much as possible and contrary to the votes on my channel it seems trailers are good for keeping people interested and revisiting my channel. So there are returning. Also, more news pieces, and implementing Marvel Avengers and various Marvel games such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns. I think things will pick up again, so once again the main story of this post, “hang in there”!

Also, stop by ADG Wrestling Games Network this week if you haven’t checked it out, or it’s been awhile to help celebrate the 4th anniversary of the channel since 9/9/18. This wasn’t the first channel as I deleted the first of 5K during panic and anxiety attack issues. I’m happy to be back and to have a wrestling niche channel to share my views and passion.

Thanks for supporting and I’ll chat with you again soon!