Hi guys! As the title says I’m a busy busy bee. Despite wanting to update you guys more here on the blog. I been spending a majority of my time implementing casting updates. You will see many in various changes upcoming in ADG & AWE casts. A lot of them are already live. Also a lot of my time. I have just spent casting. Playing games trying to generate revenue especially with the viewer base down alot during the week. In actuality its been down during AWE as well. I mean 25 to 30 for AWE is still okay but it use to be 30 to 100. It just seems very bad for other ADG cast which are now from 5 to 15 when at one time was 15 to 30.  Trying to least get back to those days so I can put more games and keep the channel up in the best quality possible or up in general. So that’s the reason behind my massive casting plus its been a school break for me.

I delayed the BF1943 giveaway to Sunday. That day with basically be devoted to Battlefield owners from Bad Company 1 , 2, Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 1943. We will be playing PS3 BF games from 3PM until I’m tired and blue in the face and give out the code to someone who participates or follows one of our contact links and is there at the time of the giveaway.

Once again apologizes on the blog and the casting problems during AWE the past few weeks. I know there haven’t been many updates on gaming news either here. I’m trying to get in the mix of waking up making posts on the blogs and working. Then spending the majority of the day casting with the exception of family things that may stop the cast occasionally.

Here’s a few videos of things I did this past few days and weekend. From Shank, AWE, to Killzone 3. I been having fun. Check it out as well at the Weekly Release(which should be Tuesday or Wednesday Night) & SLG Community Cast this Thursday at the same time of Grapple Gaming 5PM EST on Thursday. If you have Skype and a devoted member of the community and a castor you may be apart of the show!

Shank 2 – Sunday Hangout Time

Watch live video from ADGTV on TwitchTV

Watch live video from ADGTV on TwitchTV

ADG WrestleFest Saturday:AWE Supershow, AWE Survivor Series, AWE Encore, WWE Games Online & More. P2

Watch live video from ADGTV on TwitchTV