Tonight during Raw, WWE had a segment involving John Laurenitis and his entourage David Otunga Eve aka Hoeski, and CM Punk. John Laurenitis would go on to show off a supposed cover of WWE 13 that was of him. CM Punk would did come out to reveal that the cover was a whole lot different than what Mr. Laurenitis described.

Look At It And It’s Giant Pipe Bomb Glory!
Punk shows us that the cover consist of his great wrestling and superstar power. I also noticed the WWE attitude logo that pretty much ensures that they will be a presence of the WWE Attitude Era on the disc, this was shown during the leak trailer as well with the likes of Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
As I watched on Twitter, there where a large amount of tweets from WWE Games and Cory Ledesma the talent behind some of the design and decision of WWE Games. Wasn’t any tweet better in my opinion than that of CM Punk who tweeted a file of the actual cover which I have left you guys with. Enjoy! 
WWE 13 Info will be available tomorrow as confirmed on the show on I hate that spot but I guess they love Greg Miller.. Anyways you will be able to get my thoughts right here as well on the info that is released.