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WWE 13 With Awesomeness, Sexual Chocolate, And Brand New Live WWE Audio!

THQ just released more screenshots of WWE 13. This title seems to have more factions involved from that area than just Degeneration – X. The Nation’s Mark Henry can be seen in these new screens as well as other great WWE superstars. The Miz is awesome but does he have the attitude of Attitude Era superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker. One thing for sure WWE 13 has them all and THQ was more than happy to tease us with a few more superstars, today.
The WWE 13 experience is also featured in the latest video preview release from THQ. This video hosted by Cory Ledesma, Lead Designer behind the series showcases not only the new WWE Live presentational audio system but predator 2.0 and more.

So Special Referee In?..but to what extent?

The audio of this game has been ripped from actual live tapings.  You will notice this not just in the commentary but in the crowd as well. There are more realistic chants and crowds roaring at the right moments. Two broadcast teams are confirmed with JR & King for Attitude Era and Cole & King for present WWE. Go People Power! Sorry guys no Booker T again this year but maybe for WWE 14.
The Predator Technology has been improved on and with all these new spots &  theres no telling how far matches can go.
As one of the most known fans of this series I can say I’m more hype for this game than ever before in years. While I have enjoyed all the games the feature list seems to get bigger and bigger each year. So I will let you guys go so you can look at the screens while playing WWE 12 wondering what will WWE 13 bring to you guys homes.
What are you guys looking forward to most in WWE 13? Feel free to comment below.
Source: / WWE Games/ THQ Press

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