Hey guys. I decided to change the theme. According to my latest google results most people come from google to this website via google search. I wanted to give them more initiative to actually try to browse around the content on the site. To generate more page content. This layout isn’t exactly what I want but its free and fits my budget. I do plan on upgrading and adding more to my site sometime next year but one step at a time. I’m not giving up on my AntDaGamer project. It is generating money and I see a check from it soon if the hits still continue. Thanks for the support.

I wanted to do something different in this editorial and actually talk about gaming a little. Why is everyone obsessing so hard over Borderlands 2? Sure It’s a good game but seriously how long before you maxed out every character and be screaming for DLC. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing in my opinion. Take a break..play some Sleeping Dogs..or my personal favorite Transformers Fall Of Cybertron!

Speaking of Transformers Fall Of Cybertron I got a chance to interview Dave Cravens at High Moon Studios. If you want to see that article its available at http://www.egmnow.com/antdagamer, which hopefully you are subscribed too or will so my number can move from that dreaded 15!!

As for content on the site. I’m still looking for ideas. My current ideas are to promote more updates for my youtube since it is now partnered by Social Blade. My ads aren’t up yet but they will be soon. I also will promote some original content and insight as well.