Rainbow Moon is a Playstation 3 PSN exclusive offering from EastAsiaSoft. The game has a great foundation with trophies and loads of hours but we will begin by talking about the story.

Baldren fins himself warped to the Rainbow Moon after being cursed by his arch-rival. To make things worse he opened a dimensional gate that takes him to a once peaceful planet now turned into a real nightmare. They are monsters about the world and Baldren is the stranger that is rumored to be the cause of all the issues. Now, the Hero must save the planet by sealing the gate and warping himself back home.

When I first played this game I was very skeptical. The graphical style is a classical one with an overhead view. You will have nostalgia of old RPGs of video game history while playing. I’m not the guy that usually play most RPGs unless its Final Fantasy or some well known commercial RPG. I was surprised by the amount of content and how the game embraces you to keep playing.

The beginning of my journeys was very irritable by the way combat was setup. I didn’t understand the placing of moving my character on the field of combat at first and why I couldn’t attack more than one in a turn when being invaded by multiple enemies at the very start of the game.

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The thing you have to learn with Rainbow Moon is that side-quests and early grinding seem to be very important before doing main missions. The first mission itself isn’t possible to around level 3 or 4. The game is a real grind and will take loads of hours to complete. Which can be a good thing in the replay department for a game with a 15 buck price tag. It also can be a bad thing when your trying to engage yourself in the story but have to take a few minutes before being able to see more of the main.

Rainbow Moon exceeds in its offerings and its replayability. Some of the gameplay decision and interface is questionable but can be learned quite quickly. There’s DLC that offers a lot to the game even helps fan have nice experience level boost at the start of the game.

I want to thank EastAsiaSoft for allowing me a chance to review this game and also do a giveaway of it on my channel at Twitch.tv. Special thanks and shoutout to Catherine Ng for the giveaway and coverage.

I personally love the game but in the end …

Short & Simple
Is It Fun? It’s very fun until its “Grind Time” before proceeding through the main quests
How’s The Soundtrack? I loved every piece and it can be purchased separately or in a bundle!
Good Gameplay? Gameplay works well takes a while to get use too.
Does It Have Good Graphics? The graphics aren’t over the top during gameplay but they work. The scenes like the opener is amazing.
Good Online – Doesn’t have online but does offer some online features, nothing very notable.
Replayability? Tons of replayablity for those that want skills and lore and don’t mind “The Grind Time”
I loved the game personally as a change for what I’m normally playing but casual RPG fans might want to be cautious before you “PLAY IT” Rainbow Moon is A Hardcore RPG Gamer’s  Challenging Nostalgic Fun Time.

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