In my quest to cover news, AntDaGamer leaves no stones uncovered from Wii, 360, PS3;  if I find it worthy, I post it! This game Sir Steve Redgrave’s River Adventures for iOS is looking to be on a scale of over “Over The Top” fun.

Sir Steve Redgrave is a legendary Olympic rowe who is back in his first official game looking for that golden glory. Sir Steve has won 5 consecutive gold medals but that isn’t enough for Mr. Redgrave. He is hungry for more  and he knows their is gold in the rivers. These rivers just so happen to be the most dangerous in the world full of elements that could stop his plans. From hungry alligators and piranhas, logs, rapids, turtles and more. This is definitely not just a trip its a huge scale adventure.

You can achieve the Perfect Run and add gold medals to your collection by racing down rivers avoiding obstacles at fast speeds. This achievement will add more gold medals to your collection.

Sir Steve Redgrave’s River adventures begin with the Amazon’s Jungle Fever and progresses through Ancient Ruins where Sir Steve negotiats his way past century’s old monuments and buildings that have crumbled dangerously into the river.

Press Start To Begin Your Adventure For Gold!

According to Moshen, Sir Steve even spoke on the new game saying..

“Moshen have put the virtual Sir Steve into some really tricky situations and I’m just glad that the real Sir Steve never had to encounter alligators and piranhas during my training days.”

The game will be out Thursday, October 18 and for free on the iTunes App Store. Further levels and adventures including Crushing Canyon will be available in the App Store as well via purchase. This new Olympic app is a third for Moshen this year, following on the success Michael Johnson’s Motiv8  and Michael Johnson’s Fun Run.