This Saturday, December 1 between 19:00 and 23:00 UTC (2:00 PM to 6: PM ET), DUST 514 will be having an event where beta gamers can help revolutions Dust 514. Head out this Saturday and prove their servers can weather a swarm of battle-hungry mercs. Recruit every beta gamer you know and rack up some kills.  Everyone who fights a battle in DUST 514® during the appointed time will get four free  state-of-the-art Skinweave dropsuits.!

The latest video continues to discuss vehicles. You will see how vehicle classes provide a solid foundation for exploring within your specialized roles. Learn about the choices of unlocks in advanced vehicle variants that fill unique roles on the battlefield. Marauder HAVs, Logistical Dropships and more in this development diary. Lead vehicle designer Ryan Thornton (aka CCP BLAM!) tells you everything!