Your boi, AntDaGamer just received an email from Microsoft (..and used U instead of You) that spoke of a free gift. I was excited and of course imediately redeemed it. It first said redeem code after i clicked to get the gift. It made me even more intrigued. I click again and there it was Specialization Priority Alpha. I’m a big fan of the new Halo and i was very thankful but after reading the following in the details I was even more thankful.

Select Spartans receive priority access to a number of Specialization kits in order to improve combat performance in various fields. The following kits will be available with Specialization Priority Alpha:


Specializations provide specific adjustments to a Spartan’s armor, weapons, and other battlefield tech.

From my understanding, Halo 4 Limited Editions paid extra for the following

    • Pioneer: Spartan optimization for deployment into uncharted, hostile territory, such as uncolonized worlds or Forerunner constructs like Requiem, for the purpose of gathering and relaying information. The Fast Track armor mod allows Spartans to gain more experiential data from each encounter, effectively ranking up quicker during the process.
    • Engineer: Spartan optimization for the subversion, repair, and or reconstitution of a wide range of technology, including Covenant and Forerunner complex networks. The Drop Recon armor mod allows users to predict the location and time of an ordnance drop through an external suborbital monitoring system.
    • Tracker: Spartan optimization for long-range target tracking (trans-continent and off-world), particularly in scenarios where conventional tracking has failed or such a substantial time has passed that the trail has gone cold. The Requisition armor mod allows users the ability to recall their own ordnance requests in order to acquire more helpful weapons in the field.
    • Rogue: Spartan optimization for single-operative missions which require a lone Spartan to be deployed on their own for incredibly long durations of time, even years if required. The Stability armor mod allows users to increase their aiming stability when being fired upon.
    • Stalker: Spartan optimization for target shadowing missions which require tactical invisibility despite operating at an extremely close range to the target itself. The Nemesis armor mod allows users to target and track down previous attacking enemies, highlighting them on the armor’s passive sensors.
    • Pathfinder: Spartan optimization for deep, unconventional deployment within unknown enemy territory and with little to no assistance from command. The Gunner armor mod decreases the time of weapon overheat when occupying a vehicle weapon position and increases Spartan speed while carrying a detached turret.
    • Operator: Spartan optimization for the operation and control of a wide range of vehicles: space, air, ground, and sea. The Wheelman armor mod gives Spartans the ability to coax every bit of stamina and durability out of vehicles they are piloting.

As you can see these are the same items leaving only two to be exclusive to Limited Editon purchasers, Wetwork and Operator. Some Limited Edition purchasers are upset. They still have two exclusives for now. Do you feel they got screwed over.