This game review is very important to me due to old the hate that has been put on this game basically because of looks. Capcom got developer Ninja Theory to redefine this game. They were under a lot of pressure and it all comes down to this. I’m here to once again prove looks can be deceiving. Does it mean DMC is perfect? Not by far but lets dig dipper and see the strengths and weaknesses of the newest edition of the Devil May Cry series.

ADG Short & Simple Review: DMC Devil May Cry

Story Overview

 DMC is all about the origins of Dante and his family, how he came to be and the realm and lore surrounding it the Devil May Cry Universe. Dante is a young man that knows that he is not like most and once he’s twin brother Vergil comes to him he knows for sure that this is true. Vergil tells Dante about how they are descendants of angel and demon also known as Nephilim. Dante and Vergil are the only ones that can kill ancient demons such as Mundus, the guy responsible for their mother’s death and their father’s never-ending torture. This game tells that story.


Survive Limbo – The world of Limbo is a living and breathing entity, out to kill Dante. The world will transform in realtime and try to block off and even kill our hero. Our protagonist will have to master demonic powers to shape Limbo the
way he sees fit, while perfecting his angelic skills to traverse this hazardous, twisted world.
Who is Dante? – Explore a retelling of Dante’s origin story in a gripping narrative featuring familiar faces from the series
alongside all new characters, including Vergil, Dante’s twin brother.
Unbridled action – The intense and iconic sword and gun based combat returns with the addition of new Angel and
Demon weapons and abilities, all designed to dispatch the demonic spawn back to hell with style and panache.
Weapons include:
“Rebellion”: Dante’s trusted sword, given by his father Sparda, provides a great mix of combos and attacks, great for
sending enemies skyward.
“Ebony & Ivory”: These guns are good for keeping enemies at bay, maintaining combos and juggling enemies in the air.
“Arbiter”: a demonic axe that can deliver massive blows and break through enemy shields.
“Osiris”: an angelic scythe with fast attacks and great for crowd control.
“Eryx”: powerful demonic gauntlets that pack enough punch to parry even the strongest attacks and juggle the heaviest
Retaining the Devil May Cry DNA – Capcom staff, including team members from previous Devil May Cry titles, have been
assigned to the project from the outset to ensure DmC is a true addition to the Devil May Cry franchise.
Unrivalled production values – Ninja Theory will take advantage of the latest performance capture technology to deliver a
level of character design, story-telling and cinematics that perfectly complements DmC’s high-octane combat.

DMC strong points are its cinematics, and ease to learn control scheme. Another strong point is the game’s story and incredible graphics. Add in a training mode, various skins, numerous hidden missions and you got a great package.

Despite the controls being easy to learn they don’t work to well sometimes and complex combos don’t seem to work all the time. Platforming can be a pain when you have to mix from Ophion styles from platform to platform. This is only a slight distraction and doesn’t kill the game.

Short And Simple

Fun Factor: 8
Sound Quality: 10
Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 9
Online: The game offers leaderboards but I will not be averaging in online for the overall score cause that’s not what DmC is about.
Replay Value: 7
Overall Score : 8.2

“PLAY IT!” 8.2:  DMC is not perfect but is the fresh start the series needed.