Zombie Tycoon II is bringing hordes of zombies to PSN in a war for supremacy in a land of zombies and monsters. This game is available for play on Playstation 3 as well as PS Vita with Cross Play functionality.

The first game was a PS Mini that became an instant classic. This new version brings all that you seen in the first game with some new abilities such as deathmatch games, new zombie factions and units, expansive maps, and online battles to the death.


Choose your side as either rogue apprentice Orville Tycoon with his shambling, heavy-duty zombies or vengeful former mentor Professor Brainhov and his new breed of frantic, agile undead. Unleash your ravenous squads to decide which zombie breed will inherit the scorched earth and its tasty buffet of brains.

Players can expect

  • A well-balanced RTS designed for console gameplay, with four special monster (hero) units and six unique zombie units (Brawlers, Scavengers, Engineers, Samurai, Cleaners and Scouts) to keep gameplay fresh.
  • Cross Buy and Cross Save functionality on the PS3 and Vita. Buy it once, play it anywhere!
  • A single player campaign featuring both Orville defending his conquered territory and Brainhov attempting to reclaim his former glory.
  • Strategic, 1v1 online multiplayer battles between PS3 and Vita players via Cross Play technology.
  • Brain-boggling graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3.

I’ve spent many hours on this game since release. I came across a few bugs such as a cross play bug that sometimes make it hard to join games. I spoke with the brand manager and she assures that most of this comes from players with a Nat 3 restricted IP. So you better open those ports.

My other issues was a few bugs. I found sometimes my abilities didn’t work when I activated them. There was a moment when I playing through the 2nd Chapter and a cinema scene didn’t activate when it should have.

The game really should of gave a more in depth tutorial on many of the games features of its gameplay. The game does explain lots of things as you go through the story. So I suggest to get a better feel of the game and tactics to play a majority of the campaign first before jumping into multiplayer like I did.

Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge is indeed one great RTS. The characters are funny, colorful, interesting, and a blast to watch. The story is pretty entertaining and the multiplayer will keep you playing for a good while.

Short And Simple…

Play It! Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge is one of the best games to come to PSN this year. This game is Zombie-rific!

Download Zombie Tycoon 2 now from the PSN and follow the game on Facebook for the latest from Frima Studio!