We all know that on May 21 Microsoft is revealing its next generation console which is codenamed XBox Durango. We know the boys at Microsoft will use this time to probably announce other hardware news like they are always known to do.

New hardware always means a slash in prices. The guys over at DealNews.com dug up the latest deal data to find out. They dug up deal data that consoles usual have to find out a percentage drop price that consoles usual have around the arrival of the newer consoles.

It makes big since that the Xbox 360 4GB model could be as lows as $78 dollars when you do the math. The only thing is rumors are also out that Microsoft may actually keep the console selling for $99.

If Microsoft does decide to make this move and slash Xbox 360 prices, it could mean big business for Microsoft in the last years of the XBox 360. They could also potentially gain XBox fans who have been curious about trying a Xbox console.

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Credit to this article goes to DealNews.com for their news tip.