Beginning with last week’s episode of Defiance the show on the Syfy channel, viewers were introduced to a new evil character named Rynn who entered Defiance with the goal unleashing hordes of Hellbugs upon the residents. For her crimes, Rynn was arrested at the end of the episode, but things didn’t go as planned… As she was being transported by land coach to a prison in Las Vegas, escorted by lead character Nolan and Amanda the land coach was hijacked… and that is the last you will see of her for now, unless you are playing the game!

Following her escape from persecution, Rynn’s character enters the game world letting loose all new Hellbug enemies on players kicking off what we’re calling “Hellbug Season,” unleashing swarms of the alien monsters across the game world. Players will have to defeat the Hellbugs and work together to return Rynn to Defiance in order for her to appear back in the show.

Game Details:

For players of Defiance the game, the timing for these events take place over most of the month of May. Event increments will occur in phases, with increased hellbug activity in the game until Rynn arrives to offer a variety of missions.

Arkfalls and Emergencies

  • New hellbug arkfalls and events featuring the elemental hellbugs appear across the Bay!


4 new emergencies will be added to the world, but only during this event. In each of the emergencies, the player will be fighting against the new elemental versions of the hellbugs while trying to accomplish a task for Rynn:

  • “Exotic Goods” : Brave a thriving hellbug nest to harvest chrysalis samples for Varus
  • “A New Pair of Genes” : Take on a Monarch in order to collect samples of his DNA for Rosa and Eren.
  • “Smells Like Victory” : Harvest samples straight from pheromone secretors for Von Bach
  • “Thinning the Herd” : Help a group of Echelon Mercs clear out a Hellbug Nest to assist Cass in purging the land of this menace.

Faction contracts

  • All of the Factions change their contracts to Hellbug themes.

3 Hellbug Season Missions

Mission: The Vagabond

  • Cooper calls to say that some ER soldiers are pursuing an Irathient woman in the Bay Area.

Mission: Piper Investigation (parts 1-4)

  • The player tracks Rynn through a handful of locations discovering remnants of combat between ER soldiers and hellbugs.

Mission: Paying the Piper

  • Rynn contacts the player. She has found where the rogue ER soldiers have set up the new Project Piper location. Players must descend with Rynn into the bunker and stop the soldiers from using Project Piper. In the process, the Project Piper data/device is destroyed and can never be used again.

Data Recorders

  • 4 new Data Recorders appear around the game world describing Project Piper. These will remain available even after the event ends.


  • Rynn challenges players to hotshot missions competing with Rynn.


  • “Piper Resurrected”: Collect all the data recorders
  • “Path of Atonement”: complete Rynn missions and hotshot

The following information was source quoted from a Defiance press release.