2K Games just sent out the following distress call for all XCOM fans with an accompanying video in honor of the success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on IOS. Enjoy!

Hello Commander,

We would like to acknowledge your recent success in killing aliens. Since the launch of the XCOM Project in the App Store on Thursday, June 20th, 2013, you and your fellow XCOM operatives have managed to eliminate 1,775,322 alien hostiles. While the council is disappointed in the 143,900 soldiers you have lost in the process, this is a resounding success for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS. In addition to these combat statistics, the council is very pleased that XCOM: Enemy Unknown achieved numerous high rankings on the App Store, peaking at #3 in the Paid App category for iPad and #4 in the Top Grossing category for iPad out of more than 375,000 iPad-optimized apps. The other members of the council agree, as evidenced by the Editor’s Choice recognition that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is currently enjoying on the App Store.

With great success comes great challenge, as many operatives are now struggling to complete their daily tasks now that XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be experienced anywhere iOS devices can go. These struggles are being chronicled through the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Consequences series, the first installment of which now can be viewed.

We wish you luck in your continued efforts to eliminate the alien threat. Remember, we will be watching.