NGames today announced the new addition of  the One Piece character Crocodile. The popular free-to-play MM0 has just gotten bigger with the edition of this character.

A former member of the Shichibukai, Sir Crocodile is one of Luffy’s oldest and strongest enemies. As a Sand-Sand fruit user, he has the power to manipulate sand at will, and has even being known to turn his own body to sand to gain the edge in battle.

Sir Crocodile is a mysterious and somewhat self-centered man, who once proclaimed to the world that he neither needed nor trusted any followers. But that didn’t stop him getting angry when his old friend Mr.1 was wounded by Hawk-Eyes Mihawk. Combined with the aide he eventually gave Luffy when Luffy was trying to rescue Ace, Crocodile clearly has some compassion beneath his thick-skin – not that he will ever admit it.

Crocodile is available for recruitment now, washing up on Pockie Pirates’ shores as a high level Navigator class character. Once tamed and recruited, players will be able to take advantage of Crocodile’s special Super Sandstorm skill, which unleashes powerful sandstorms that deal 150% magical damage to any given target.

As unpredictable as Crocodile himself, Super Sandstorm is a continuous attack that, after dealing damage to its initial target, can then randomly skip across targets up to 5 times, dealing out damage every time it lands. It can even stun targets and render them useless for a turn, making it one of the most powerful area attacks of any Navigator currently sailing the Grand Line.

Crocodile is a great compliment to any Pockie Pirates crew, though his bite is most effective when teamed up with powerful Doctors, such as Marshell D. Teach and Moria. He is almost unstoppable when combined with crew members boasting high level Tactics and Shelter of God abilities.

This news posting contains source quotes from the N-Games Press Release