The summer games are in effect across Wii U, PC, XBox Live and PSN and DuckTales is one of the hottest titles incoming this summer 2013. Capcom and Wayforward is bringing back a classic not only in HD but in new innovative ways to gamers.

Capcom and WayForward recently took us back behind the scenes of DuckTales in the Duckumentary 2, as you can see below, to show us what went in to and what we can expect from the game. The focus in this video is all about art, animation and more.

The hype doesn’t stop there. Today, they are bringing us another gameplay video that showcases the African Mines stage in the game.

I personally can’t wait to play Ducktales when it’s released. I’m very excited to relive this story and experience all the new changes and features in the game. You can check out screens and features below.