The Defiance Castithan Charge Pack, the first add on pack for Trion‘s hit open world shooter, Defiance, went live this week! The DLC will feature exclusive access to new story missions, gameplay rewards, vehicles, customization enhancements and more.

and how about that trailer…

Players who purchase the Castithan Charge Pack will receive access to the following:

  • Play as the alien Castithan Species ­ create a new character or change your existing one
  • New Battle Arena Game Mode ­ an instanced single player ³horde mode²-style game that opens up a new story mission line, Castithan Charge Blade weapon and in-game item
  • Unique version of the Raptor ­ a new four passenger truck designed to help small groups of arkhunters to quickly traverse the terraformed Bay Area
  • Unique Castithan outfit
  • New Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 system Achievements and Trophies

The Castithan Charge Pack is available on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC for $9.99 or on Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points.

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