Warface breathing more life into the Xbox 360.


This Game has a lot of Pro’s and, Cons….



When the game first came out there was a lot of issues with getting into an actual game.I had sit up to ten minutes in a lobby before I gave up and, went to the next one. This also, was an issue in the Co-Ops as well. It about 8 hours for they fixed it, and then it was not as good as it should’ve been. When you finally got into a Team Death Match Game, (all game modes).   I believe it took a few more days before they were able to get the connection problems completely fixed.


This is A major  issue still today on the game. Unlike most games were if they are in your Spawn you will spawn somewhere different  In this game you will Spawn in the same spot no matter what. The opposite team can walk right into your spawn and kill you as your feet touch the ground. I have not seen any attempts of them fixing this issue.


You have a RIFLEMAN, MEDIC,ENGINEER,SNIPER Each one comes with it’s own Gun Type.

RIFLEMAN, starts off with a R4A1. This is a 3 round burst. Not my favorite type but, it is a powerful gun. If you choose this Class you will be able to replace everyone on your teams Ammo. you use the LT to restore your own and, RT to restore your teams.

MEDIC, starts with off with Richmond 770. From what I have heard it is a nice Shot Gun.

Engineer, starts out with a ZX84 SMG. This is a good gun for starters. As, you can guess with this Class you can restore/revive your team and, yourself. I do think it is pretty cool

how they show you using a defibrillator..

Sniper, starts of  with a SYK. Sadly there is nothing extra for this Class.



I personally like the Co-Op play a lot better than the Versus.

In Co-Ops there is more team work. The Missions change daily. There is no longer  any lags.

They have five different Missions for you to do.

I do think that A1’s in this game mode are made to strong, They also, have them in your Spawn points (Check Points) The launchers that you have to use to take down the planes in some of the Missions can not lock on to the targets. So, it takes several tries. I do like that there are different game modes here. Two Initiations Missions Path A and, Path B. Three

Daily Missions. Regular, Skilled,Hardcore. Can not move on to the next Mission until you have completed the previous one. I personally like how they have set up these. without working as a team you will surely fail all the Missions.

I enjoy how they took the feel of Battlefield and, Call of Duty and, combined the two. I believe that when the Beta is over and, the release the full game that this will be the best FPS game out there, For now I am giving this game the thumbs up,,,,