Product Specifications:

Publisher: EA
Developer: Respawn Entertainment & Bluepoint
Release: April 8 Xbox 360 (Also Available On Xbox One)
Category: Shooter/Action/Multiplayer
ESRB: Mature

ADG journeys to another controversial review. Yes, there have been a lot of them this year. This review is controversial due to the fact there was little to any information about the Xbox 360 port of a game that was to be a headliner for the Xbox One. The game was even delayed a few weeks for it’s counterpart. The reason was according to Bluepoint and Respawn for the game can be completely polished and made better. Some speculated that it was cause of Microsoft wanting more time to sell Xbox One and the Xbox One counterpart. Finally, I can say the 360 version comes off to me a very good Titanfall experience without the extra polish or frames.

When I speak on the gameplay experience most notable subjects are the framerates and the graphics. The graphics aren’t that bad at times there’s minor tearing based on your FPS. The Xbox One boasts 60fps where the Xbox 360 versions shows off at 30 to 50 fps. There is an option (which at default is just 30) to choose between 30 FPS or to push your console beyond the 30 FPS. This is where tearing or slowdowns happen, in my opinion. Once the system goes beyond 3o, bad things happen. The sound is great and probably the most important part of the game especially on the 360 to draw you in and keep you glued tight to the experience.

I’m not going to say much on the story except that its a fight between the Militia and the I.M.C. I maybe mistaken but I was under the impression there are more groups in the Titanfall universe after reading up on the lore. Maybe, it was kept simple for the first entry in the series. Still, the story doesn’t do anything much except gives an average story in an online campaign based upon the game’s match modes. It’s not bad. It just could of been so much better cause the universe is so rich in Titanfall.

Short And Simple….

 It’s Worth “Standing By For Titanfall” On 360

8.3/10 Play It!!