Skit!, the smartphone and tablet app that creates fun animated shorts such as memes, remixes and more  released Emmet, Batman, Wildstyle, Unikitty, and dozens of The LEGO Movie characters onto the masses with Skit. This app also includes CloudCookoo Land, Wild West, Bob’s Kabob Truck  and 20 plus other backgrounds as part of a deal with Warner Brothers to put LEGO Movie assets into the hands of fans to allow for story-telling, play and creative expression.  As Skit’s first investor, just in time for the June 17th release of The LEGO Movie on BluRay/DVD, Warner Brothers is now a Skit! customer, bringing fans a satisfying and constructive way to create and tell stories with their characters, props and plots that have become synonymous with creativity and exploration.

How to skit:

  • ·         Download SKIT! on your tablet or Smartphone device through the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play, or Amazon
  • ·         Get creative and select backgrounds, characters and props for story telling
  • ·         Import your own photos (or ones from the internet) by tapping the + on the screen and then select from your photo library
  • ·         Personalize and change photos using icons from the left toolbar to crop, add text, draw & incorporate props
  • ·         Continue to add as many characters, photos, props, etc. as you wish
  • ·         Make it rain or snow, create a dream sequence with our camera filters, or even play (safely) with fire!
  • ·         Now it’s time to use your voice. Tap the record button. When you hear the word Go, use your fingers to move the characters around on the screen as you narrate the story to bring your characters to life
  • ·         Press play to preview your SKIT!
  • ·         Press share and send your skit privately to friends or share it with the entire SKIT! Community.

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