Ever wanted to relive the history of Gundam in superb game form. Well Koei Tecmo and Namco Bandai has come together to do just that. With the greatest roster in a Gundam level tag teamed with the largest amount of mission this game is definitly not only one of the greatest Gundam games but Dynasty Warrior Games as well.




All the greatest moments from the Gundam movies and animations from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.  For the sake of this being Short And Simple, if you want to know more about the Gundam series…Google It!



Pretty much take Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors engine and upgrade it with the talents of Namco Bandai Gundam developers to make the most precise smooth Dynasty Warriors Gundam to date. Give players the opportunity to play as about every character and mech suit the series has seen while playing through it’s history.



The gameplay is very smooth. Easy to pick up for anyone, old or noob to Dynasty Warriors games. Combos are very simple to use but will acquire some time to master.

Other Notables

  • Lack Of 3D Animated Movies – Most of the cinema screens are 2D with text and voice. They’re some great 3D ones in there, though.
  • No English Voice Overs – The game does not offer any English voice overs. So be ready to get your read on.
  • Lack Of Explanation Of Upgrade System – The game does a poor job explaining the upgrade system but in due time you will figure it out.
  • Great Coop Action Locally And Online – If you have a friend you can send out a distress signal to your PSN friends and they can come in and help out. Me and my son are also loving it locally having a blast catching up on Gundam and blasting fools.


Short And Simple..


 The Best Dynasty Warrior And Gundam Experience Yet!


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