Every gamer dreams of being the best. This especially holds true in the world of fighting games and Street Fighter. Capcom knows the competition is fierce and wants you to be your best. This is where Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Bible comes in.

The new game Ultra Street Fighter IV brings new gameplay and new strategies. New characters and more ways to take down the best locally and online.



Guide Features (9780744015492, $24.99, 8.5” x 11”, 596 pages):

Hitboxes and hurtboxes for every move in the game! The screenshots in this guide show all of the details that you cannot see in the game!

Full frame data for the entire cast! Discover the startup, recovery, and active frames for each attack and learn each move’s advantages and disadvantages to get the most out of every character.

Comprehensive character strategy! Detailed strengths, weaknesses, and strategy for every character at every range.
Reliable and situational combos for every character! Learn “bread and butter” combos for dependable damage at any stage of a match, coupled with combos that take advantage of specific matchups and special situations.



The raw data of this book is at first overwhelming because it is so big. You will have to read the first couple of pages to learn the layout of the books information and how to understand it. After doing this you can then proceed to any topic or character you wish to improve your game.

I was only disappointed in some of the materials used in this book. I think if they wanted to give it a true holy bible feel at least have a classic leather book binding. I wasn’t impressed with the bindings of the of the book and for 25 bucks. If think it would of been affordable.

I truely still suggest to anyone who is playing this game on a hardcore basis or just want to become better to purchase it.