Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord launched yesterday. The official launch trailer  and information is below. Don’t forget that each pre-order and launch copy come with all the awesome stuff you see above in this posting.

It’s time to take the fight to the Divine Empire as Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord, the strategy RPG for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system is now available in the Americas for $39.99. Despite having a “II” in the title, the game requires no knowledge of the previous title, as the story and gameplay are all self-contained within the 80-plus hours of strategic combat and visual novel-style storytelling in the original Japanese audio.

Tears to Tiara II follows Hamilcar Barca, a young man eking his way through life indentured to the Divine Empire. But when the Empire burns an innocent girl at the stake, he unleashes a terrible secret–his unbridled rage and demonic might the berserker. With his newfound strength and at the insistence of a goddess, Hamilcar shoulders the burden of freeing his people from the tyranny of a corrupt Empire. On his journey to free himself and his enslaved people, he will fight alongside powerful allies, beasts, and even the gods themselves. However, he must control the demon within first, lest he himself turns the world to ash.


Tears To Tiara II Character Daphnis
Tears To Tiara II Character Daphnis

Tears to Tiara II features:

  • More than 15 main characters to get to know as the story unfolds in the visual novel.
  • Strategic turn-based gameplay will challenge the most battle-hardened generals
  • The joint attack combat systems adds extra depth to the strategy gameplay, and makes for more replayability
  • Original Japanese language story and battle audio at a discounted $39.99

With such wonderful features and with ADG being such beg fans of Atlus’s work, You know we will have a big review incoming soon. Just as soon as our company’s PS3 comes back in from repairs…till then enjoy the wonderful coverage and assets we have available.

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord is now available in North and South America for $39.99. Pre-orders and a limited quantity of launch edition games will come with the Tears to Tiara II Visual Works, a 31-page booklet that combines sketches, concept art, character designs and background visuals. More information on the game, combat systems and more are available on the official website,